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Some Suggestions a s I Leave!

Some Suggestions as I Leave!

So my time is nearly over.It has been an honor and a joy to have been your Interim Senior Pastor.Thank you for trusting me with your pulpit!The rantings of a crazy Scottish guy.I'm sure some of you never really knew what I was saying due to my accent - but - he seemed to be having fun so you hung in there!
Bow as I leave, something exciting is about to happen - Pastor Briant takes the lead!a new era of ministry and mission begins.Not forgetting the past, it's the beginning of the next chapter in the great story of what God is doing in and through the people of Crosswalk Community Church. Hopefully a long and well written next chapter.
I will be around a little for the first many months - visiting on some Sundays to catch up with people and doing some coaching with Briant. Hope to still see you. Hopefully that’s reciprocal!
As Pastor Briant starts I thought I'd share with you my top 7 best suggestions for Crosswalkers to help this next chapter start in a great way.
1. Be Kind.
No explanation needed .....but sadly you likely know how church people can sometimes be!
2. Be Real.
Don't try and impress Briant. Be you - that’s impressive enough. In any new relationship it never bodes well if people pretend.
3. Be Open To Change.
Change is not easy. But, "we've always done it this way" is the death cry of way too many churches. For the sake of the Gospel, give change a chance.
4. Be Forgiving.
No Pastor is perfect. Mistakes will happen. It's ok to try and fail and then learn learn from such. Be generous with your time, your money and with your forgiveness.
5. Be Involved.
In the local church we don't get the privilege of sitting and watching (and often judging). We roll up our sleeves and join in. Doing church is a team sport.
6. Be Spiritual.
The work of a local church is a spiritual work - prayer, Scripture reading, worship, contemplation, solitude, service, stewardship, confession, fellowship, evangelism. Be spiritual people. Be faith-filled.
6. Be Patient.All truth is God's truth. That said, there is a wise Chinese proverb "One moment of patience may ward off great disaster; one moment of impatience may ruin a whole life." Stay patient folks. The work of the church is an eternal work. As John Calvin, the reformed theologian wrote "Immortality is the mother of patience."
The next chapter of Crosswalk is going to be one interesting, exciting, challenging, fun chapter to write! Get ready for it folks!
See you Sunday for my penultimate preach!

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