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My Cranky Tuesday.

My Cranky Tuesday.
I am writing this enews from my 'infamous' Christian cafe in Fresno. (The one that makes me sin too much.)As I opened my MacBook to start writing I took a call from my really good, close friend Tim. As we talked he kept asking me why I sounded so cranky and in a bad mood! I guess I was a little off.After we talked and ended the call (with him again asking me what was up and why I was so cranky) I got to thinking why I might be having an off day.
It's Tuesday and the cafe is cold as we have some cooler damp weather around - but that’s a win for this fair-skinned, prefer-the-cold sort of guy.It's Tuesday at 2pm and my writing is going slow - but that’s not unusual.It's Tuesday and my tax accountant tells me my tax return will be ready by end of this week - so that might be it!Or .... it's Day # 15 of Lent 2022 denying myself something until Easter (or nearly Easter - but that's another story as to why I'm doing Lent on a less than orthodox schedule this year!)
But for Lent 2022 I've given up my sweet tooth!There is now no pleasure in eating. I may as well roll over and die!Wow! My sweet tooth really has got a hold of me.On a simple phone call on a typical Tuesday afternoon Lent is making me cranky! Sorry Tim, and sorry anyone else that has experienced the Lent cranky side of me.
I think I'm missing the purpose of Lent.The denying self isn’t to feel sorry for yourself or get cranky.The denying is a time of preparing our souls for something better that is coming.It's a season when we shift our paradigm and rather than bemoan our loss or complain over what we have given up - we shift our paradigm to embrace it, quietly leaning into the experience. And as Lent concludes we burst forth with our emotions, our senses, our souls alive to the thrill and the wonder of Easter morning. So no more cranky Tuesdays I'm leaning in to the experience of preparing for the most exuberant and alive Easter Sunday.
However, as NT Wright suggests, my Lent experience does not end with a party on Easter Sunday. After Easter Sunday the next 40 days through to the Ascension becomes the time not now to give something up but to take something up. Lent is like weeding the garden, but the 40 days from Easter should be taking something up that fills the garden with color and, in due course, bear fruit.This brings Easter into your innermost life - this is the waking up to the newness of life that Jesus died and rose to give.
That realization as I write from my infamous cafe is stopping my crankiness!

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