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Losing our Sense(s)!

Losing Our Sense(s)!
I just had lunch today (Wednesday) with a Pastor who has the same 'disease' as me!It's always good to talk with someone who has what you have and understands how you feel and what you are going throughBut, before I'm moved to the top of your prayer list and you overly worry for your sick Interim Senior Pastor... the 'disease' I have is called parosmia and it won't kill me!
Parosmia distorts your taste and smell and for the past nine-months many foods and drinks taste and smell weird - and by weird I mean bad weird!
Here are two Pastors sitting eating lunch together and sharing how chicken can taste like sewage, toast like moldy socks, chocolate like rotten eggs and wine like gasoline!Here are two Pastors sitting moaning about how hard life is because of our condition!It was a rather pathetic pity party!
The only benefit, we both agreed, was that we can't smell anything bad!So Bethany may have developed the smelliest feet on the planet and I wouldn’t know!Come to think of it, the Crosswalk sanctuary might still smell of smoke - but I wouldn't know that either. So you might find me sitting there having an indoor service myself!
It got me thinking about my senses and my spirituality.As I drove home from my pity party lunch with my fellow parosmia Pastor I couldn’t get out of my head the repeated warnings in Scripture given to people who have eyes but do not see, or to people who have ears but do not hear. There's even a warning for those who have noses but cannot smell.It was spoken by Jeremiah, by the Psalmist, by Ezekiel, in one way by Isaiah and then in a reverse way by Jesus himself as he asks those with ears to hear and in Revelation the exalted Christ again asks that those who have ears to hear.
The need for us to use our senses to hear and to see, to act and to do what Christ is telling us is clear.The warning for those whose senses are dull to what God is doing is also clear.
I might have lost my ability to taste and know that chocolate is good.I might have lost my ability to smell the fragrance of eucalyptus and my wife's perfume.
But in my busy living, in my hurried Christian living, in my rushed spirituality am I losing the ability to taste and see that God is good?Am I becoming deaf to hearing His whispers?Am I becoming blind to what God is putting before me and telling me to walk this way?Do I no longer smell the sweet fragrance of His Salvation and Grace?
So excuse me if this enews takes my tasteless lunch meditation and makes it too spiritual and I’m squeezing a lesson about Jesus out of it - or ...... maybe it is in the normal, the ordinary, the natural of life and living that we do meet and see and taste and smell the life and love of Jesus.
May we as a church be alive in all our senses to who God is and what God is doing - even through the smell of smoke, the sight of a burnt church office, through the noise of birds and traffic as we meet outside to worship, and through the many other countless ways our senses sense His presence.
May our senses be alive to all that God wants us to experience!

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