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I've Got A New Name!

I've got a new name!
You've heard me share that I don't really like my existing name - Gilbert.Since Elementary School when I couldn't pronounce my name without stammering, I've never liked it.So, its changed!
and - amazingly - I didn't need to do much work for it to be changed.the work was all on my oldest son Daniel.well really on my daughter-in-law Diana.she went through some unexpected surgery on November 16th ...... and .... out popped little Jameson Foster!Our first grandchild.And as of Nov 16, 2021 @ 2:39am I have now to be known as Papa Gibby and Bethany is now officially Gigi!
Papa Gibby.
It's got a modern and distinct ring to it!Up to this point only four people were allowed to call me Gibby. But now - as long as you add the Papa part - everyone can call me Papa Gibby (a.k.a. Jameson's grandpa!)
Names.And you will give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.Matthew 1 vs 21
Jesus was a common name, like Jim, John, or Jerry. When Mary and Joseph called their son Jesus, there were no prayers in His name. No one used it as a swear word. No one sang songs about this name, just as there is no religion I am aware of that sings songs to Jim. We don’t name our sons John with the expectation that eight billion people will pray in that name over the next two thousand years. We don’t croon, “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, there’s just something about that name.”But common as the name was, Jesus was named “Jesus” by design. In Greek, it is Iēsous. In Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke, Yesu. Both are derived from the Hebrew, in which the name is Yeshua or Joshua. Joshua is made up of two parts: Ya, which is short for Yahweh, and hoshea, which means “salvation.” Hence, Mary and Joseph gave their little baby the name Jesus — “Yahweh saves.”That He does.
So this Christmas I am excited to be Papa Gibby - and I will be the best Papa Gibby Jameson has ever known and always tell him of a Jesus that saves and keeps and gives eternal life.
I'm sure you are doing the same for your children and grandchildren.Keep telling them about The One with the name Jesus.
Gilbert, oops I mean Papa Gibby!

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