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New Words For This Years' Advent.

New Words For This Years' Advent.
December!Where has 2021 gone?How fast 2022 is approaching us.And before then ....... Christmas!
It seems strange but as a Pastor I have always enjoyed preaching Christmas, maybe even more than Easter!Yikes ...is that like heresy?But it's the wonder and amazement of Christmas that makes Easter all that it is.No Christmas - no Easter.
For us pastors Easter is a one shot deal - the date moves around but there is only one Easter Sunday and only one Easter message needed.(I've preached 25 different Easter Sunday sermons.)
Christmas on the other hand is a 4 Sunday deal, although because of Thanksgiving we usually shrink it to 3 Sundays ....yikes again on our disrespect for the historic Christian calendar which has been respecting four Sundays to help us prepare and anticipate His Coming.
That's 3 or 4 different sermons about a story everyone knows about and we do it again every single year.Yet despite the challenge of every year preaching several Christmas sermons ....I seem to enjoy Christmas preaching the most.
There's Mary and Joseph.There's the Shepherds.The Wise Magi.The little Elves.There's the manger and the star.The bad king Herod.Eggnog ...which I'm sure Jesus didn't like either!There's Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bar which maybe wasn’t in the original Christmas story, but featured in mine, and which I'm sure Jesus approves of!
But over the next three Sunday services and then on Christmas Eve we will sing and hear Christmas words.Not words such as eggnog or Santa Claus, and likely not even Magi or Angels or Manger, but we will unpack some of the deepest and strongest doctrines of The Faith that Advent pushes us to consider and think about as we head to Christmas morning.Some new words - Chalcedon.Some old words - Annunciations.Some strange words - Anawim..
These words and truths will challenge us.They will cause us to think, even rethink.They will inspire us.They will convict us.But they will prepare us for the greatest Christmas we have ever had.
Are you ready?
Come journey with us - but don't come alone!Bring with you a family member, a colleague, a friend and together with them journey through the mystery and the miraculous of The Incarnation.
2021 needs us to finish the year with new, big, bold, saving words.The Christmas story has them.Get ready!
See you Sunday.

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