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Worth Repeating

It doesn’t take much reading of the Scripture to see that God often repeats himself.Take his words "Do not be afraid" .....He repeats that over 300 times.To some degree the oral culture required things to be repeated, yet at the same time - the repeating has more to do with the important truths that God is wanting us to grasp.In the Gospels Jesus also repeats himself, and then with there being four Gospels, many things are repeated both for emphasis, as well as to help us remember.
I say all this because this week's enews is ....eh .... me repeating myself!
For my past 5 Sunday messages we've been unpacking teachings from the Book of James under the title Mastering the Art of Living.This week - for emphasis and to help us remember - let me remind you of the lessons we've learned so far:
Week #1           
  • The mind is the primary place where you master the art of living. But, don't be double minded - hold to a single unwavering commitment to follow after God. 
                          [James 1 vs 1-8]Week #2           
  • To master the art of living you need to be one person - you cannot be two. Don't be double-souled. Your faith and your works must be one.
                            [James 2 vs 14-18]Week #3           
  • To master the art of living you need to come to recognize that we cannot control people, places or things. But, you must control your tongue.
                            [James 3 vs 2-12]Week #4           
  • Remember, there is always more than meets the eye. We have to see people the way Jesus sees people.
                            [James 2 vs 1-4]Week #5           
  • And always wear sunscreen! Or better, live with wisdom that comes from heaven not from earth.
                           [James 3 vs 13-18]James watched and listened to his half-brother Jesus, and then inspired by God, he penned some very practical truths on how to live out life following the way of Jesus.For James, as for all New Testament writers, faith in Christ and following Jesus was very much about life and living now and not just in eternity.
Yet life can often seem challenging, even life with Him.James knows that. He starts his short letter off by telling us to count it joy when we suffer trials of various kinds.Mastering the art of living is mastering a type of life that is completely counterintuitive to the way things normally are.
That kind of life requires sometimes things being repeated to help us push on forwards grabbing it with both hands.

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