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The Missing Third

I write this enews as not only your Interim Senior Pastor, but also wearing my broader Growing Healthy Churches church consultant hat.
It’s the cry I am hearing from every church I am working with and every Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor or consultant I meet.
And as they talk with me I hear their sadness. Amongst their sadness I can also hear their confusion and their disappointment.
The cry I hear is that since Covid has hit one third of their congregations have not returned.While a few remain listening online because of health concerns - the majority have disengaged and disappeared.
One third.
No longer around.Staying away.Gone.
One third.
What happened?
Did Church become irrelevant?Has God disappointed?Has life become too busy or too distracting?
All across the country, church after church is reporting that one third of the people have not returned after Covid.
And, sadly, Crosswalk Community Church, Sunnyvale is no different.A third of the people who were Crosswalkers in February 2020 aren't here any longer.Some have moved away.A few still watch online and have genuine concerns for their health or for their children’s health who are not yet vaccinated.But many, too many, have just vanished!
And while as a church consultant I am puzzled and thinking through theories and implications, as a Pastor, and as a brother in Christ, my heart just aches.
I think for every Pastor I speak to they are puzzled.These were people who were regularly involved with the life of their church.These were friends and some key volunteers who just a few months ago were standing shoulder to shoulder helping advance the mission of the church.For every Pastor I meet, and also for our Crosswalk Pastors, we are left sad and asking questions.
What happened?What or who failed our brothers and sisters?Have people just become accustomed to not attending?
Surely it can't be that they have stopped believing?Surely it isn't Jesus that has failed them?
One third of our church families ....... and they are no longer with their church family!
While people will have their reasons, it just doesn't seem like family to let people just disappear.So, let's reach out folks and connect with our brothers and sisters and remind them they are loved and cared for and are missed!Let's make the call or send the texts or knock on a door.Let's not let people just vanish.Let's connect, let's encourage.Let's be family and let's work at getting everyone together!

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