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My New Least Favorite Number

My New Least Favorite Number
16.I nearly fell over in the shower.I had to count again.Yep 16.
16.My dear wife has 16 containers of various substance in the shower all for her hair!16Believe me.I recounted several times today.16.
I have none.I just polish my head - no shampoo necessary.Bethany has.... 16.
I just have to keep saying this - 16. 16. Yep one last time 16.
I grew up in a Christian tradition that held to the importance of numerology.It was fascinating.The obvious was the number 7 - the number of perfection or completeness.3 is the number of resurrection (the third day!)3½ was a broken 7 - and not good!6 is the number of humankind - 1 less than perfect!8 is the number of new beginnings - similar to 3 but yet different.10 is the number of totalness and different from 7.12 is the number of divine governance.40 equals a full period.
While it would be wise to be careful in how you interpret numbers, it was and does say something in the Biblical text - perhaps more in apocalyptic writings than in the more historical or doctrinal writings.
Interestingly the number 16 never features in the church teachings I grew up with.You could say it was not a biblical number, you could even say it was unbiblical.So, anyone having 16 of anything is being unbiblical!
I joke, a little ...only a little darling!
We've been doing some counting these past few days.Today many Pastors are counting numbers and seeing lower digits than previously. Covid has impacted church arithmetic.
At Crosswalk we have seen 15 members move away in 2021 and a few have left for other churches. We are thrilled that we have added 5 additional members.To date we have 129 members on the list with most having returned in person - but not yet all.
Most Sundays our in-person numbers are around 120 and we still have about 50 people watching online.
Church giving began lower than we'd like in the first part of the year and some months we missed being balanced by as much as $15K (March was a worrying month). The good news is that since May we have seen giving rise and we are between $45-50K income per month and in the past two months we have been breaking even.We are grateful for every Crosswalker who generously and faithfully gives. Obviously the arrival of a new Senior Pastor will see our expenditure rise but we are believing that the church family will respond to the call and stand with us in giving some more.
While I know in church life numbers don't say everything, they do however say something.It's not wise to bury your head in the sand and not count some of the things we need to count.Church attendance, financial giving, number of volunteers, number of people connected in small groups, etc are important indicators of church health.
Talking of numbers we are very appreciative of Subhashini Dokuburra and Dave Stokes who work diligently to keep our financial figures accurate and true. Thank you.
What do you count in your life to see health? What about your spiritual health?What inventory do you take to see if the Fall of 2021 sees you healthier in your faith than the Fall of 2020?
And, as Mother Teresa once said "Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you."
As for 16 ..... it is securely my new least favorite number!

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