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All for One and One for All

"All for one and one for all."
This is a shorter enews than usual but with no less of an important message.And let’s start with the important message:
Crosswalk Community Church has a phenomenal church staff!
You know the phrase - can't see the wood for the trees.Sometimes congregations develop 'ecclesiastical scotomas'.
But as someone who has worked with a lot of church staffs - Crosswalk is for sure a special one.They are dedicated.They are hardworking.They are multi-gifted.They are caring and prayerful.They are encouragers.They are adaptable.They are the strong backbone of Crosswalk
While Pastoral transition impacts all the church I think it affects the church staff the most.They wait for the arrival of their new boss - with new ways, new thinking, new processes, new personality.
So in this short enews - can I urge the congregation to pray and in appropriate ways encourage the staff.
Someone did that to me last Sunday!We were sitting on the front pew waiting the start of the service and a very kind Crosswalker visited with us and from one chocoholic to another delivered an amazing gift of multiple bars of chocolates!(And yes it was opened and tasted before the service ended ...with more eaten before we reached Fresno!)
Such a kind action. Thank you.
For the church staff 2020/2021 has been some of the hardest years in church ministry.First Covid, and then added to that Pastoral leadership change.The Crosswalk staff have navigated all the changes with excellence and smiles.But, I know they are tired and often digging deep to serve and lead. And, as they wait for a new Senior Pastor, while that brings excitement and hope, it also brings a degree of anxiousness.As I write these words Terrific Tuesday is happening with nearly100 Crosswalkers and Sunnyvale Christian School families sitting together watching a movie.Fun time.
Got me thinking of one of my favorite movies - The Three Musketeers.Remember the line "All for one and one for all."
That is the Crosswalk Staff!
Thanks guys for being amazing musketeers to keep Crosswalk going and pushing our mission and vision forwards in the absence of a Senior Pastor.
Now congregation ..... say the words, show the love and help lift their tired shoulders. All for one and one for all.
And - all for The One.

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