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Hello Church

Hello Church
Today I share with you a personal idiosyncrasy, something peculiar in my routine. A greeting I give each time I drive up to 445 S. Mary Avenue. I look at the steeple, high above the buildings in the neighborhood, and I speak the words "Hello Church." I then say a prayer over what I consider to be a sacred place that God has entrusted to generations of followers, even years before I was born. A place where the gospel is lived and spoken, and where waves of hope and healing pour over many, including me.
God has given much to us, and together, we were formed for his family. The Bible says we are put together, joined together, built together, members together, heirs together, fitted together, held together and will be caught up together. We are not on our own anymore. Our relationship with Christ may be personal, but God does not intend it to be private.We are connected.
Each Sunday we see more people returning to worship in community. The first half of 2021 brought 54 first time Sunday guests, with 17 of those now regular attenders. Even in the midst of uncertainty, God reminds us that he is in control. I am one of God's stewards. You are one of God's stewards, and together as a body, we are growing, and it is good to be together in community.
These words are written on the inside cover of my Bible as a reminder of God's intention for my life (from The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren):
  • Worship helps us focus on God
  • Fellowship helps us face life's problems
  • Discipleship helps fortify our faith
  • Ministry helps find our talents
  • Evangelism helps fulfill our mission
My hope and prayer is that we commit to meeting together as the church continues to offer in-person services, church fellowship events, and small groups on campus. There is much to come.

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