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Bicycle Crashes and Choosing the Right Message

I was listening to KLOVE radio this week and heard an interesting reflection on the Tour de France bicycle crash last week. A woman was so intent to hold up a sign (which said "come on grandad-granny") that she stepped too close to the road and caused a massive bike crash. In fact, she wasn't even facing the racers. Her back was to them. Her sole focus was that her sign was seen by the millions watching the event. Everything the race was about was behind her. It was all about her personal message.

The takeaway? I have a choice to hold up my sign. my message. what I believe to be most important. and in doing so, miss God's bigger plan for why I am here. We have the same choice here at Crosswalk. What will be the message we choose to raise high?

One of our core messages is global & local mission outreach. We believe in passing on what we have learned for the glory of God and the growth of his kingdom. Over our church history of 116 years, missions has always been a primary focus. We choose to be outward focused. It aligns with God's plan. Good stewardship brings us in alignment with God's plans.

Many are the plans in a man's heart,
but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)

Thank you church family and friends for your generosity over the past 16 months. Generosity in finances, generosity in serving the community where help has been needed the most, and generosity in prayer.

In upcoming Sunday services you will hear more about our mission partnerships as we celebrate God's plan for continued outreach.

This Sunday we welcome Pastor Gabe Tseng as our speaker in ONE service at 10:45am. His message will address what freedom looks like with scripture from Luke 19:1-10.
and on the way out, enjoy a holiday treat!

Last Sunday we welcomed Titus Robinson, Deepika Titus & Paul Taylor as new members to Crosswalk!
Email Becky if you would like more information on getting connected.

See you Sunday,

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