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What a Fair Skinned Scotsman Does At The Beach

What a Fair Skinned Scotsman Does At The Beach

What a Fair Skinned Scotsman Does At The Beach
I'm headed to the beach!
Always an interesting adventure for a fair-skinned Scottish guy.
I wear my socks and sandals.
That's nothing to do with me being Scottish, and everything to do with my mother who didn't like sand in her toes!
I sit in the shade.
I am lathered in SPF50 and wear long sleeves.
And .... I don't go in the water.
 You have no idea what lurking beneath the surface!

But ....I go with a plethora of books to read.I've loaded my Kindle and I'm ready for our 8 day honeymoon by the beach in Cabo San Lucas. And while the weather will be beautiful. And while the ocean breeze will be heavenly.And while we will see glorious sunsets. I am excited about my uninterrupted reading. And my reading will be rather eclectic.

Some leadership reading: Lead Like It Matters to God @ Richard Stearns.
Some theology:The Making of Biblical Womanhood @ Beth Allison Barr
Some philosophy:The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self @ Carl Trueman
Some international spy fiction:A Murder of Quality @ John Le CarrĂ©
Some Biblical history:New Testament History: A Narrative Account @ Ben Witherington III

And last but not least, something new:The Last Bookshop in London @ Madeline Martin
There is nothing better than a good book in the middle of summer. Well, I guess there is - a good book with your wife on honeymoon in the middle of summer.So .....what are you reading this summer?

If you are looking for something good and helpful at this time of change in Crosswalk let me suggest four possible reads:

1. The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God @ Dallas Willard. I saw this book on Ester & Wes' book shelf recently. This is a great book and I have highly recommended it to nearly every Pastor or Church Board/Staff that I have worked with.

2. Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory @ Tod Bolsinger. The story of Lewis and Clark used as an historical parable of the change and challenge in which we find ourselves - even within Crosswalk!

3. Unoffendable: How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better @ Brant Hansen. I think this is a good read for these times. As one reviewer said, "Brant effectively calls all-too-easily-offended followers of Jesus to a far less grumpy witness and a whole lot less toxic faith". Yikes.

4. The Sin of Certainty: Why God Desires our Trust More Than Our "Correct" Beliefs @ Peter Enns. I've always lived with questions and often still those questions involve matters of faith and God and truth. I found Peter's writing helpful. Don't always agree with him, but he has helped me process faith in a different way. He helped me see the difference between 'my faith in God' from my 'thinking about God.' Very helpful.

So, four suggestions from me. If you've got something worth recommending - drop me a note.
Maybe grab one of these reads this summer - and head to the beach!


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