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The Joy of the Journey

The Joy of the Journey
Since my last enews I've had the joy of driving with my wife Bethany across the country - Indiana to California.Bethany finished up teaching her Grade 2 class in Indiana on the Thursday and we hit the road with all her worldly possessions stuffed into our vehicle on the Saturday.We were determined to enjoy every mile of the journey as much as the joy we knew lay ahead of us in California and the start of our married life together.
It led us to new places as we drove the I-70 route. First, the rolling hills of Southern Indiana and Illinois. Often only seen as flat States with corn fields. In truth, they are mainly flat with lots and lots and lots of corn ....the rolling hills are a rather small corner of both states!Then came St. Charles, Missouri. A quaint suburb of St Louis with some neat downtown restaurants and a lovely walk along the banks of the rather dirty looking Missouri River.It took us through places we might not want to live in - - - eh .... the whole State of Kansas! (Sorry to any Kansas-ites).We drove the impressive Rocky Mountains through West Colorado.Then we hit the distinctively unique landscape of Utah - two days in Moab with some hiking at sunrise (wow!).The Mojave Desert and Barstow - yep babe this is California!Then Bakersfield ....not the end of the world but you can see it from there!The infamous I-99 - the most dangerous freeway in the US.And then ....glorious Fresno! (Weirdly it grows on you!)
It was 2,650 miles. It was 6 days in a car. It was yet another hotel room. It was way too many Loves Truck Stops. But we loved it. Every. Single. Mile. Of. Our. Journey.We'd even go back and do it again!
Of course, it wasn't really about the places we saw and the miles we drove, it was all about who we were doing it with.It makes the journey as much fun as the destination.
There's a theology we could begin to unpack over that concept.
Evangelical Christianity has frequently focused more on the destination than the journey. There certainly is a destination to gain and a destination to shun.There is a heaven and a hell.However, often the journey has been downplayed if not ignored.Orthodoxy has always taught that the journey is important. It's the journey that takes converts and makes then disciples.It's the journey that enables us to know the joy of abiding rather than the anxiousness of striving.It's the journey that inspires us to become more than just behave.
Don't miss the journey by focusing on the destination.
There's also a theology to expound about making sure on the journey we have the right friends. No wonder the New Testament calls us family and refers to us as 'brothers' and 'sisters'. Deep and close bonds.
But let’s swing away from the theological slant and come to Crosswalk and our current reality.Our 'destination' (so to speak) is the calling of a new Senior Pastor.[Look for an encouraging update from the Council this coming week]
The arrival of our new Senior Pastor will be a good destination.
While we head to that destination - let's not be solely focused on that, that we miss the joy of the journey.
The joy of guest speakers bringing fresh voices and insight.The joy of new things being tried as we exit Covid and begin again to regather in-person.The joy of things being a little different.The joy of anticipation.The joy of a new era beginning at Crosswalk building on the solid legacy the past decades have laid.The joy of preparing for change.The joy of the adventure in praying for the right new Senior Pastor to be found.
Lastly, we could have made the drive from Indiana to California in a crazy 2 days of non-stop driving, but there was something meaningful, even therapeutic to slow down and enjoy the journey.Crosswalkers - we are journeying to a new Senior Pastor we're not Nascar screeching to it.The journey has much to teach us - make sure you don't miss it.
Look forward to being with you again this Sunday,Gilbert

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