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Finishing Mark's Story:

So, we head to the final few preaches in the series of Becoming Fully Human: The Gospel of Mark.Thanks for hanging in there with me as we have tried to unpack this fascinating Gospel.
No one had ever written a Gospel before Mark did.And Mark wanted to make sure we got the intent behind his reason for writing - the plot, the emphasis and the meaning of the death of Jesus.This is not mere history, this is everything - the meaning to life itself.In Mark's story, God is being revealed in Jesus - and that revelation, that Jesus, is the content for our spirituality, our humanity.
It's the shortest Gospel.It's grammar is not eloquent.It's stories are punchy.For the first half Jesus is changing people’s lives - and everyone is amazed at him.Suddenly, we hit the second half and all of it is focused into one week - the week of his death.But his death is defined in the company of his resurrection.At the core, the Gospel invites us to understand our own life and death within our relationship to his death and resurrection.
Remember the rhythm.Glory, life, only come via the cross - rejection, pain, suffering, being hated, despised.
So, we head to the final few preaches.Between now and the end of June we all have the opportunity or the invite to die his death and live his life and in so doing know salvation and in so doing become fully ourselves.
Let's finish the story together to help us all write our better story.


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