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Prayer Call for San Jose

As many of you have heard about the tragic shooting that happened early this morning. If you have not, please click here San Jose Shooting to get the latest news on that.
Our hearts and prayers go out to the families that have been affected by this travesty. Please continue to pray for San Jose, that God would bring peace, comfort and even salvation for all involved in this massacre. That we as a community of believers can find an effective way to be the hands and feet for those grieving and scared. We are asking all Crosswalkers to pray with us for San Jose, that God would have mercy on our city.
(This article below was written prior to today's sad events).

The Other Virus Hurting The Church.
I grew up in a Christianity that had a virus problem.It's called meeting-itis!Sunday was church service after church service, meeting after meeting.11:00am communion service, 2pm Sunday School, 3:30pm Bible Class, 6:15pm Prayer meeting, 6:30 Open -air meeting, 7:00pm Gospel Service, 8:15 Youth Fellowship meeting.
Whatever happened to the idea behind Sunday being a Sabbath?Then, more church services during the week - Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Friday night and often Saturday - afternoon and evening.
Sadly, and wrongly, your spirituality was based upon how many church meetings/services you attended.I know this because I was at every meeting but my heart was nowhere near the heart of a follower of Jesus. I was a follower of rules.
Today we are beginning to move out of another virus - COVID - and I'm a little anxious that many churches, and even maybe ours, could catch the meeting-itis virus as well.Maybe not meeting-itis, more campus-itis!
Let me explain more.
With us reopening in-person Sunday services the focus could be in getting everybody to return to the campus.As a preacher - every preacher likes a crowd - the more the merrier.and, there is something about the truth of the Greek word for church - Ekklésia - that is about us gathering together in person.I believe in the Ekklésia.
I know some people are still uncomfortable about being in crowds, and some people have not yet had their vaccinations - and - of course people should be cautious and careful and make sure they do nothing to stumble their health. We are many weeks, even months, from everyone feeling comfortable about returning on campus.But my concerns over campus-itis - isn’t about people staying away due to COVID concerns.My concern is we make church, we make Crosswalk, about what happens on the campus.Campus-itis, like meeting-itis, shrinks the church down to a small few yards of property in Sunnyvale.
If COVID initially spoke anything about our ecclesiology it was that too many churches had failed in being incarnational within their communities and neighborhoods. We had great programs and worship experiences inside the campus but we were virtually absent from the wider communities and neighborhoods outside the campus.
COVID - which shut church campuses across America - gave the church a fantastic opportunity to refocus our attention on our neighborhoods. Love our neighbors.now as we exit COVID while we want to regather and share worship together - let’s make sure that everything we do is not on our campus. Let’s make sure that we spend more time out in our neighborhoods than in our sanctuary. Let’s make sure we are among our neighbors and not simply inviting them to come to our campus.Let's seize this moment in time and see Crosswalk Community Church be a movement of people within their neighborhoods and communities sharing and testifying to and for Christ.
As COVID begins to lessen, let's make sure the church doesn't get hit with the campus-itis virus or meeting-itis.
COVID might be beaten by a vaccine.Campus-itis gets beaten by action - love in action - loving our neighbors.


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