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State of the Church

Welcome to May!Wow - that was a fast four months in 2021!It was also a big four months!
·      We returned to in-person services.·      We moved from outdoor to indoor.·      Children’s Ministry Center reopened.·      Pastor John returned and led us on Easter Sunday.·      We launched live-broadcasting of Sunday services.·      New discipleship curriculum was launched on-line.
Good things.Exciting things.
That's the church.Whether it is in transition or not, the church, by design, is a living organism.It is the Body of ChristChrist's presence is with us, above us, around and under us.When Christ is Present we live and we breathe. In that comes life and the new.We are knowing His Presence at Crosswalk.
Sunday Services:As we re-opened for in-person gatherings we are beginning to see more people return to the campus.Last Sunday (May 2) we had 125 people on campus.To the 125 people who came on campus we also had 123 people watch our service online.A total of 248 people![The last Sunday before lockdown in March 2020 we had 230 people.]We are encouraged but still working to both improve our in-person Sunday experience, and our online presence.
Senior Pastor Search:This is all happening as we seek a new Senior Pastor to lead Crosswalk into the next era of ministry and mission.That process is underway.For the past few months, the Church Council have been completing work on a Church Profile and a Pastor Profile. These profiles will help recruit potential candidates.The Church Council are pushing forwards on being ready to interview initial candidates in May/June with the hope that a suitable new Senior Pastor candidate can be presented to the church in late Summer/early Fall.
While the Council work to that end and the Church family prays for the right Senior Pastor to be called - we do so realizing that Covid has created strange times in the life of churches and Pastors and this could slow our pastoral search down.There is much caution, even apprehension among Pastors as they think about leaving their current churches which are struggling to reopen. They also know that all churches remain unsure about their current health - numerically, missionally and also financially.
Finances:At Crosswalk, if our attendance numbers are somewhat encouraging, our finances are not quite where we would hope they would be.
Here are some financial figures through the end of April 2021:
  • Church Income $171,492
  • Church Expenditures $186,315
  • Operating Loss -$14,823
Sometimes a deficit of $14,823 could be cleared through the four months of the year where we have five Sundays in a month.However, this deficit does not include some extra costs we would have when we hire a new Senior Pastor, and there are still 8 months left in 2021.
As we prepare for our new Pastor's arrival we want to make sure we are financially strong.
Crosswalk relies fully on the tithes and giving of the church family. As we search for a new Senior Pastor, we also hope the church family continues to be generous and faithful in their financial giving.We would very much like to see the monthly income/expenditures move to a balanced position.Thank you for your help in giving extra to help this happen.
Sunnyvale Christian School:Student numbers are encouraging. Elementary is full and Pre-school, due to social distancing protocols, is slightly smaller.The staff remains strong, though exhausted and ready for well-deserved summer vacations.
So, we keep moving forward.His Presence is our Guide, our Strength and our Hope.We know the church is a spiritual reality and as we grow and morph together there is mystery and the miraculous happening among us.But we also know the local church is an organization that needs to be led and managed and planned and prepared.
We hold this tension carefully. We want to lead with diligence and lead with dependence.We lift up every aspect of the church in prayer.We also put our shoulders to the plow and push forwards in seeing the church be healthy and ready for the exciting journey ahead.
Join in as we rely on Him but also do our part.

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