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Is this not really Black Friday?

Is this not really Black Friday?
It's Good Friday.Historians say it was first called this in 1290 - an old English writing used the term Guode Friday. From what we know, this day has been called Good Friday ever since.
A bit puzzling why we call this day Good Friday.
Did someone mis-write and really it was to be called God Friday.Some think so. Gute or Gottes Freitag in the German - God Friday
In some ways I wish that name had stuck,Society shuts God out every day. We've even lost the idea of one day a week being different, a sabbath, a God day.If even once a year we had a day which would be known as 'God Friday'; - what an opportunityto help those who seek Him maybe find Him.
But Good Friday not God Friday stuck.
The irony in it being called Good Friday is plain for all to see.Without faith it really looks more like dark or black or bad Friday.
On this day Jesus, the Son of God, was flogged, ordered to carry the cross on which he would becrucified and then put to death.
Good Friday?
But faith designates this good.It's the great reversal.It’s the upside-down-is-the-right-way-up Gospel thinking.It's counter cultural as following the way of Jesus so frequently is.What is bad is really good.What is seeming defeat is really the path to victory.What seems over and finished is the beginning of the new, the greater the eternal!
If on Maundy Thursday we shared communion.If on Easter Saturday we wait silent and reflective.If on Easter Sunday we celebrate Resurrection Day.On Good Friday - what's our disposition?
How about continuing the great reversal, counter cultural, upside-down-is-the-right-way-upthinking that caused people to call it Good Friday in the first place.
How about today taking some action or adopting some demeanor that causes people to say,"That's not what I expected!"An act of kindness when someone is mean to you.A display of grace when someone cuts you off.A turn-the-other-cheek demeanor when you'd have preferred to share some home truths witha colleague.
It's being merciful in a dog eat dog world.It’s being meek rather than proud.It’s being a peacemaker in too often only a peacekeeping relationship.
Good Friday.Oh boy .....it really was GOOD!

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