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A Challenge the Norm Sunday!

I am excited that this week I don't get to preach at Crosswalk!
Now you could take that the wrong way.
But my excitement isn't drawn from me not having to study and write for 20hrs but because instead of me you get to hear from a guest speaker.
During our time of pastoral transition, I am preaching between 50-60%, so in other weeks other voices and some new voices get to be heard.
This variety is a good thing and reflects something of the width and depth of the local church and will foster fresh insight and new angles of truth being shared with us.
This week in particular we have a voice speaking to us which although it will sound American, is the voice of David Bawks who I got to know in Kenya, Africa and who for many years both studied theology in Kenya and pastored a church in Nairobi, Kenya.
Married to BJ with two young daughters, David and BJ took on the adventure of coming from Nairobi Chapel, Kenya to launch a new Bay Area church development partnership with Growing Healthy Churches.
This Maryland lad with a Kenyan disposition is leading a multi-ethnic church across the Bay from Sunnyvale.
It's a story that only God can write.
These are the kinds of stories that faith writes.
They challenge norms.
For decades 'norms' have said - let's send people from American churches to help African churches. But it’s time for that norm to be challenged.
And there are other norms that bold Christians and brave local churches need to challenge:

Norm: The church exists for Christians?
Challenge: The church is the only club that exists for its non-members!

Norm: To be a part of the church you have to believe, then behave, before you belong?
Challenge: In the church - you Belong before you Believe before you Become!

Norm: The church ministry and work are done by the Pastors?
Challenge: The Pastors equip and train the church members to do the ministry!

Norm: The church is a safe place in a world that is sinful and evil?
Challenge: The church is a dangerous place - like a lifeboat rescuing people in the storm!  

Christ followers challenge the norms.
And for a church to be on mission and be living out the Gospel, it also challenges the norms.
I am excited that Crosswalk is writing an unconventional, 'challenge the norm' story.
Let’s keep writing it together.
Be excited to hear David Bawks this weekend, I know I am.

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