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Sacred Questioning

I live with questions. It's why I hit google search countless times a day.
It's why I can often have headaches or cause headaches for others!
I'm asking why this, why not that; what is this, what is next?
I'm always searching.
Searching not only for more knowledge but for greater wisdom.
Searching not only for new learning and new truth but for revelation that will grab me and shake me that I keep on becoming whom God made me to be.
There are two parts of Scripture that urge me forward on this quest.
 "From the tribe of Issachar there were leaders who understood the times
and knew what Israel should do."1 Chronicles 12 vs 32
It's that phrase - "they understood the times."
That takes asking questions. Every new day brings new times to us and to understand them you must ask questions.
Sadly, for many years Christians have been answering questions that people aren’t really asking.
I think that was my upbringings. My old church tradition was answering questions in their preaching and teaching that nobody was actually asking. It caused us to be irrelevant.
We need to know the questions people are asking - questions about life and meaning and where does faith and God fit in to reality.
To know those questions requires us to be asking questions.
Today's culture is not really a day of answers. That is modernity and we have left modernity.
Today's culture is more about questions and knowing what questions speak into the times.
And then there is this revelation of God which defines much of how I live:
"You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart."
Jeremiah 29 vs 13
Multiple times in the Scriptures we are implored either by imagery, parable or direct speech to seek him.
My questioning helps me do that.
Of course, I do it from a place of having found Him to be my Life and my Salvation.
This is not a seeking for salvation.
This is a seeking to become.
A seeking of meaning and purpose.
A seeking of righteousness and life.
Many don't seek that.
Many are content to hold the truth of Jesus as Savior at an elementary level - a means to a destination, a life insurance against hell, a ticket to heaven.
Some people get forgiveness and they stop seeking!
But eternal life is so much more than everlasting life.
That life comes through an ongoing seeking, and it’s difficult to seek without asking questions.
And so I seek Him. Every. Day.
And every day I ask questions.
It’s how I preach and teach.
Over the next many months you will hear those questions being asked.
Join me in the seeking - for - "those who seek Him WILL find Him."

Signed: Gilbert.

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