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The story Crosswalkers are writing

As we begin 2021 and the genesis of a new era here at Crosswalk Church we do so at a pivotal time in the history we are a part of.
We don't choose when or where we were born.
But we do choose how we contribute to the history of our moment.
This is true for us all.
From school teachers to company managers; from politicians to parents.
Every day we write history. Every. Single. Day.
I think about this constantly.
It both drives me and it frustrates me.
On good days I wake up filled with passion and drive to write a better story. May my life be an instrument of justice, of peace, of righteousness. May my purpose flow to the rhythm of salvation and love. May it mirror the Jesus whom I have committed myself to.
On other days my own selfishness and my own apathy can cause me to lay my head at night on the pillow with great disappointment, even regret.
And I can't get that day back.
So, we stand at a pivotal moment in each of our histories.
Some of that history we write as individuals.
Some we write as fellow citizens.
Some we write together as brothers and sisters in Christ.
It is the latter that I have the great honor to play a part in.
I am humbled to be your Interim Senior Pastor at this moment in Crosswalk's history.
I feel the heavy responsibility of ensuring that this juncture continues the well written story of the past many decades.
But I am also excited to think through more and new words that will be Crosswalk's story.
In coming weeks and months, we will share more about some of the new that could be written. But, we end this email by reminding us of some old words, ancient words that are strong words in Crosswalk's story.
"The Scriptures say, 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind.'  They also say, 'Love your neighbors as much as you love yourself.'"
Luke 10 vs 27
Crosswalkers have a long history of loving their neighbors.
You have done this in your individual neighborhoods; you have done this within the Sunnyvale community. You have done this within the wider Bay Area communities.
You have done this among the poor, the vulnerable and the needy.
And now in January 2021. Covid rages on. Infections hit new highs. Hospitals are overwhelmed.
Crosswalkers again will step up to love our neighbors.
One way we will do this is by making the loving decision to pause our in-person gatherings for our Sunday services and return to being only online for the month of January.
We take this action to love our neighbors, to protect the most vulnerable, and to play our part in trying to stem the spread of this awful virus.
Thank you for being willing to deny yourselves for the sake of others.
Thank you for continuing to write a good story as we seek to be witnesses to and for Jesus Christ and His Gospel.
Pastor Gilbert

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