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Dear Crosswalkers,
On behalf of your staff at Crosswalk Church, I want to wish you a most safe and blessed and joyful Christmas celebration!
These are dark and challenging days, but it is all the more reason for us to receive the light of the Lord into our lives anew!
The German Theologian Helmut Thielicke tells of a prisoner in Western Europe, who is serving a life sentence for killing his friend in a fight over a wristwatch. But since then, he has discovered the love of God through faith in Jesus Christ. He is now a new creation, the old has passed away, and for him all things have become new! And it's all because the Lord has come into his life. Every Christmas the Christian prisoners put on a Nativity play for the others. And every year this man kneels before the manger and repeats these words from a German Christmas hymn:
     "I lay in death in darkest night,
     Thou wast the sun that brought to me
     my life, my light, my soul's delight."
That's what the Christmas message is all about: Into the darkness of our lives Christ can shine with the light of God's grace. May it always be so in our lives.
I hope to see you, for the last time as your pastor, at our CANDLELIGHT CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE! This is your last chance to REGISTER ON OUR WEBSITE to attend either the 4:30-5:15pm service OR the 5:45-6:30pm service. Both services will feature the singing of Christmas Carols, and a devotional message based on Matthew 2:13-20 called, GOD'S REASON FOR THIS SEASON!  
The service will be a brief 40 minutes, but it will be unforgettable! We are meeting outside and practicing social distancing, and everyone must wear a mask. Dress warmly, and we will provide free hot chocolate and hot cider! Maybe we will experience a Christmas miracle!
For those of you who choose not to come, or who live far away, don’t you worry! We have promised, since the pandemic started, to provide you with an online version of each service, including this one! You can access it on our YouTube channel, or on our website by clicking HERE! The message notes can be found HERE.
Not to steal my own thunder, but of course JESUS is the reason for the season! Would you please consider blessing the Lord (O my soul!) with a special offering Christmas gift? We rely on your generosity at the end of the year to launch us into the New Year and a new chapter in our church’s blessed journey. You can GIVE ONLINE or mail us a check @ CROSSWALK CHURCH, 445 S. Mary Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086.
And many blessings,
Pastor John

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