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My dear Crosswalkers,

The surprising answer is... YOU ARE!

Well, the election is over, and let’s pray for the Lord’s peace to rule our fair land.

We may not know yet who we elected to be president, but we do know this: God the Father has elected YOU to be numbered among his children. Wait a minute, you may think, didn’t I elect (freely choose), to ask the Lord into my heart? The answer is yes, of course! But the biblical doctrine of election tells us that God elected us before we could ever elect him!! Soli Deo gloria!! Translation: Glory to God alone!!

THIS SUNDAY we are in for a special treat. Pastor Gilbert Foster will be our guest speaker! Gilbert hails from Scotland and will be serving as our Interim Senior Pastor to lead us in our season of transition. He has been a successful pastor, and most recently for many years has been serving as the Director for Recruitment and Development for our region, Growing Healthy Churches. He oversees a vast network of more than 160 churches. This is your invitation to meet him live and in-person!

Our many Sundays worshipping outside have been a delight. How can you not be encouraged to see 99-year of Bess Whitaker sitting outside all bundled up to stay warm? Her dedication is admirable and praiseworthy. But now the weather is changing and that means we need to head indoors.

The County of Santa Clara had given the okay for indoor services a couple weeks ago. We stayed outside as long as possible because it is the safest option. But now that the cold air is coming, we will safely move into our Gym, which has a heating system with two new HVAC units, and the advantage of good outside air circulation. As always, you need to register to attend, and our maximum number of attendees is only 64 per service. We will continue wear face coverings throughout the service (except when celebrating the Lord’s Supper), and we will practice social distancing. If fact, we will still have the option for some to sit outdoors, for those who may prefer it.

Our basic philosophy has been to prioritize safety while following the Lord’s word to meet. I’m happy to report that in over three months of meeting live, we have not had a single case of COVID-19 among our worshippers. And after two and a half months of following the safety protocols, we have not had a single case of COVID-19 at our school!

The safety protocols work!

Now part of the new protocols for indoor worship is no singing is allowed. Really? Obviously, there are first amendment issues at stake here. However, we are prioritizing safety, and so we will provide some great music and worship the Lord by making music with songs of gratitude in our hearts! This will be a different kind of worship service. It will enable us to express our devotion to the Lord together, and in safety. I think you will like it a lot.

PLEASE REGISTER HERE for Sunday’s service!

Of course, we will continue to provide online worship for those of you who are high risk, live out of town, or prefer to worship the Lord from the sanctuary of your home.

With joy,

Pastor John

P.S. You may have heard about the County of Santa Clara suing Calvary Chapel for failure to follow the COVID-19 requirements. They are not being sued because they are meeting indoors, but because they failed to follow the protocols of wearing masks and social distancing.

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