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Dear Crosswalkers,

Here is some news you can use...

First, due to some changes announced this week by the Santa Clara County Health Officer, we have had to make some changes to our "TRUNK OR TREAT" event tonight. We are keeping this event because we believe in ministry and blessing our children, but we are changing the format because we believe in following the health guidelines of our county so we are all kept safe from the coronavirus pandemic. We have 160 people signed up for this fun event! For the new details, please see the postscript below.

Next, we are offering a live, outdoor worship experience this Sunday!! We wear masks and practice social distancing, because safety is a high priority at Crosswalk. If you can attend, PLEASE let us know! You can REGISTER HERE!. I want to see the top half of your face! As always, we will have great worship music, and the message is the fourth in our COMMUNITY COUNTS series. It is from James 2:1-13, and is called, “The Kind of Community God Wants Us To Be." Racism, prejudice, and discrimination have been major topics this year, and we will deal with these from God's Word! As always, for these outdoor services, we will also be celebrating the Lord’s Supper together.

For those of you who cannot attend, we are still offering our ONLINE SERVICE. You can also watch it on your TV by accessing our YouTube channel - CROSSWALK COMMUNITY CHURCH - SUNNYVALE. You can access the outline for this message on our website, and here is the link for you: Message Notes

You can share your prayer needs and praise reports by completing our ONLINE CONNECTION CARD. To give an offering to the Lord click HERE.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFUL SUPPORT! Apart from your generosity, we could not do the ministry the Lord has assigned for us.

As you know, tonight we get an EXTRA HOUR of sleep tonight as we “fall back” and go off Daylight Savings Time. Please set your clocks back one hour before going to bed Saturday! If you have a smart phone, it will adjust the time automatically.

Lastly, I want to encourage you to pray. Wouldn't you agree that our country, and this election season (which, thankfully, is nearly over), needs our prayers? At Crosswalk, we will begin the New Year with "21 Days of Prayer." After the pain of 2020, we need to begin the New Year seeking God's wisdom and asking for God's blessings. In the meantime, please pray for our nation as votes are counted next week. Here is a short prayer that is designed to "cleanse your mind from distracting thoughts."

Many blessings on your weekend and your worship of the Lord,

Pastor John

P.S. Here is what will be different about tonight's TRUNK OR TREAT event:
  • Families will stay in their cars, they will check in at our entrance to the parking lot
  • We will line all the cars up on inside spaces of the parking lot (every 3 or so spaces open)
  • Every volunteer with a car (15 so far) will use their candy shoot and insert it in each child’s bag or in their window of their car. (1 per child please or we may run out) There will be about 10 cars come through each 30 minute slot.
  • It will still be a crazy-fun time, but our traditions certainly look different in this pandemic as we prioritize safety!


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