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Dear Crosswalkers,

I wonder if you watched the great debate last night. Here’s one observer’s view from across the pond, from The Times in the UK – “An ill-tempered and at times incomprehensible squabble between two angry septuagenarians who palpably loathe each other.” It is quite insightful to hear how others view our two candidates for the highest office in the land!

Just as every four years America has a national election to chart the direction of our country, so at Crosswalk we ask all in our church family to participate in a survey to assess our effectiveness as an organization and help us chart our future course. It is part of an on-going effort to honor the Lord by being committed to excellence in service and being faithful stewards with the resources (namely our campus, our personnel, our finances, our ministries, and our abilities and spiritual gifts) God has entrusted to us.
It is especially valuable to do this during times of transition. Your Church Council has the seriously joyful task of working with our pastoral staff in leading this transition time. Specifically, I will be transitioning into retirement and the church family will be transitioning into calling a new lead pastor.

So far, the Church Council has had numerous meetings and prayer times. We have been of one heart and mind as we continually seek the Lord’s direction. We have hired an Interim Pastor who will help us through this process. His name is Gilbert Foster, and he will be preaching here on November 8, and will officially start in January. But here is the main point of this communique: YOUR INPUT IS NEEDED! We are a family, and we need to have a family meeting to discuss these things! It is difficult to do this during a pandemic, but we must boldly move forward. Having EVERYONE participate in this online assessment is an important first step.

ONE WEEK FROM today we will be sending all local Crosswalkers (we recognize we have an online community as well, but this is for our local people) a link to this survey. The survey will take about 45 minutes to complete. I know that is a long time, but I am pleading with you to make this time available to help your church during this crucial time. At Crosswalk, we will begin a new season of living up to our purpose of connecting people to Jesus and to each other. Your voice matters!! It is important to us!!

This Sunday, we will close our Isaiah series with a message from Isaiah 35. The message is called, HOMECOMING: EVERLASTING JOY! This is God’s promise for YOUR FUTURE! And he gives us instructions of what to do on our way to the joyful homecoming. It will be the grand finale of our series in Isaiah, and I hope you will tune in. Our next live service will be on Sunday, October 11. To register go to OUR WEBSITE.

Have a fantastic week,

Pastor John

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