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Dear Crosswalkers,In a recent book, author Craig Troxel shares a story from Greek mythology. As you can imagine, ancient sailors faced many dangers at sea, and one of the most unusual was that of the sirens who used their mesmerizing songs to lure sailors to their deaths on the rocky shore. Many perished as they were drawn by the alluring music.

However, two famous mariners were able to sail by them successfully.
One was Odysseus. He stopped up the ears of his men with wax and then had his men tie him to the ship’s mast. This way his men were safe, and he was able to hear the siren’s sweet song but was unable to do anything about it. 
The other was Orpheus, who was sailing with Jason and the Argonauts. As they approached the sirens and began to hear the beautiful voices float across the water, Orpheus took out his lyre and began to sing an even more lovely melody to his men.

According to Troxel, it is Orpheus, not Odysseus, that embodies the success we want. We can gamely fight against temptation with restraints, but in the end, what helps us conquer is the holy desire of our heart and the sweeter song of Jesus. May his songs fill our hearts, and empower us to conquer in these difficult days!

THIS WEEKEND, on Sunday, September 13, we are excited to MEET AGAIN, LIVE AND IN-PERSON, on our grassy quad area of our campus. We will offer two services at 9:00am and 10:30am. We will also be celebrating the Lord's Supper at our in-person service. As before, the Santa Clara County Health Department has limited the number of attendees. To reserve a spot for yourself (and each person in your family), please REGISTER HERE.
How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! - Psalm 119:103 (ESV)We will still send you our online service, but maybe this Sunday you will rejoice and be glad with us in person!
Love in the Lord,

Pastor John

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