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Dear Crosswalkers,

Here are three very important matters to share with you:


As before, we meet outside in our quad area. There is shade for everyone and the air will be clear! At both our 9:00 am service AND our 10:30 am service we will feature LIVE MUSIC, DEEP WORSHIP, BAPTISMS, AND A TEACHING entitled, “God’s Power in Your Life.”

PLEASE REGISTER at our new-look WEBSITE! We are limited in the number we can have, and we must observe the County guidelines of wearing a mask and social distancing. Expressing the love of Jesus through air hugs, blowing kisses, and elbow bumps are allowed! I want to see the top half of your face this Sunday!!! If you are not yet ready to return to live worship, we love you just the same and will provide another top-quality online worship service.


Please rejoice with us! Yesterday we were informed that Sunnyvale Christian School was granted our request to offer in-person classroom learning! We praise the Lord for honoring our efforts and answering our prayers. For a week and a half we’ve been doing online learning, and now we will reopen to classroom learning tomorrow.

Please pray for the Lord’s blessing on our school. We have a rock-solid teaching staff and they are ready to go. Please pray that all of the many safety protocols will keep our students healthy. We are praying against any COVID-19 infections. Please pray with us.

We are in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, continued wildfires, smoky air, economic challenges, and quarantine fever, among other things. How can we get a handle on God’s purpose in all this?

If you have been participating in our studies of Isaiah the prophet these past few weeks, you know that Isaiah gives us a way to view the world through God’s eyes. Last week we talked about our “assumptive world.” This refers to the fact that we all make assumptions about God, about life, about ourselves, about others, about the way things are. Isaiah gives us a healthy way to view these things.

This way of looking at life is our biblical worldview. It begins in the book of Genesis. There the following pattern is set: CREATION – FALL INTO SIN – PROMISE OF PARADISE.

In the book of Psalms, one scholar divides them up into similar categories: PSALMS OF ORIENTATION – PSALM OF DISORIENTATION – PSALMS OF REORIENTATION.

In the New Testament, the pattern is repeated in the life of our Lord Jesus: LIFE – CRUCIFIXION – RESURRECTION.

Modern thinkers use different words, but the same pattern. Some speak of ORDER – DISORDER – REORDER. Others speak of CONSTRUCTION – DESTRUCTION – RECONSTRUCTION.

But whatever the nomenclature, this is the biblical pattern for the universe, for human history, and for your life and mine.

Our culture today is in the throes of the middle category. We are in a time of sin, of disorientation, of crucifixion, of disorder and destruction. But we get to look forward to, AND PARTICIPATE IN, the promise of reorder and reconstruction and reorientation, the promise of resurrection and paradise!

     Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!  - 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)

This promise will not be fully realized until the Lord returns, but until then, we get to help others get reoriented to reality, get their lives in order, get broken people restored, lost people found, hurting people healed, and despairing people filled with hope. The “good news” has been entrusted to us! May the Lord help us serve our generation well.

This is our mission:

We are a community passionately demonstrating the love of Jesus by…
                Pursuing Truth
                Choosing Sacrifice
                Serving All People          
                Making Disciples

Let’s do it together!
I love you and miss you,

Pastor John


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