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Dear Crosswalkers,

Happy Midweek greetings to you all.

Do you realize we have a ministry that has impacted thousands of lives since 1979? I’m referring to the ministry of Sunnyvale Christian School, which is Crosswalk’s largest ministry. The purpose of this ministry is to lead children and their families to faith in Jesus by providing quality Christian Education.

This is our Inservice week, where teachers and support staff receive needed training for the academic year which begins on Monday, August 17. Today we gathered on the lawn in our Quad and anointed all the staff with oil, representing the Holy Spirit, and prayed for the Lord’s blessing on this school year.

As you likely know, these are challenging times for all schools, especially private schools. Our enrollment is seriously low, with 44 registered for preschool and 59 for elementary. This is understandable as many parents are waiting for a vaccine or at least for a lessening of the pandemic before bringing their children back to school. So this will be a challenging year for us financially.

It is also challenging as we must be ever-ready for both in-person classes and online classes. We have applied for a waiver so we can resume with in-person classes. This is in accordance with the Santa Clara Public Health website, which says,
This recommendation (for elementary schools to apply for a waiver so they can meet in person) is based on the current best available scientific evidence, including that COVID-related risks in schools serving elementary age students appear lower than and different from the risks to staff and students in schools serving older students.  In particular, there appears to be lower risk of child-to-child or child-to-adult transmission in children under 12, and the risk of infection and serious illness in elementary school children is particularly low.  By contrast, the health-related risks for elementary age children who are not provided in-person instruction are significant, including lower rates of immunizations, higher rates of undetected child abuse and neglect, and risk to social/emotional wellbeing.
At this point, we don’t know if the county will be granting these waivers or not.
The Lord’s purpose in this is clearly that we will have the missionary spirit and be ready for whatever the future may bring, always trusting in His goodness and mercy to provide.
Here’s what I’m asking you to do: Watch this Sunday’s worship service, as we will feature a video of the entire SCS staff. They join me in asking for your prayers. Apart from the Lord’s good blessing, we can do nothing. Please pray for wisdom for our school’s leaders, flexibility for our parents and teachers, and protection over our students. Also pray that our ministry may be effective in fulfilling our purpose to lead students and their families to faith in Christ.
Also, if you could make a special gift to our school to help during this lean time it would be greatly appreciated. Simply GIVE ONLINE and earmark your gift, “SCS.”

This week I’m preparing a strong message from Isaiah 56:1-8. The message is called God’s Vision for His People. Isaiah saw this vision over 2,500 years ago, and his words are maybe more powerful now than ever before!!
I love you and miss you terribly,
Pastor John

Interim Principal SCS
Lead Pastor CCC

It is with a mixture of sadness and joy that we announce the death of Don Moody, who passed away last week at the age of 92. He had some non-Covid related health issues, and his children David and Debbie were grateful he passed away peacefully. Don and his wife Ila joined Crosswalk Community Church in 1964 when the church was First Baptist Church of Sunnyvale. They were both a part of the "old guard," whose faith helped build our church family.

We will miss Don very much, but we are glad that he is now far removed from the frailty and discomfort that attended his last days with us. He is now enjoying the eternal reward the Lord has promised to all who love him.

Contact us if you would like to send cards to his family.

"Lord, we commit our dear brother Don into your care."

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