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Dear Crosswalkers,

Here’s a prayer the Lord Jesus prayed for you:

Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.   - John 17:3 (NIV)

Back in 1972, I was a senior in college and vice-president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. One of my key responsibilities was organizing our book table, which we strategically place in the student union building as an outreach to students. The book table was graced with tracts and pamphlets, as well as serious books inviting students to explore faith in Jesus. I often gave book reviews at our student meetings, and it was the response to those reviews which helped to clarify God’s call on my life.

One of the books I reviewed was Knowing God, by J.I. Packer. The book begins with a quote from a sermon delivered on January 7, 1855: “The highest science, the loftiest speculation, the mightiest philosophy, which can ever engage the attention… is the name, the nature, the person, the work, the doings, and the existence of the great God… But while the subject humbles the mind, it also expands it. The one who often thinks of God, will have a larger mind than the one who simply plods around this narrow globe… I know nothing which can so comfort the soul; so calm the swelling billows of sorrow and grief; so speak peace to the winds of trial, as a devout musing upon the subject of the Godhead.”
The preacher was Charles Spurgeon, and he was incredibly just 20 years of age at the time he delivered this sermon!

Knowing God is a profound study that changed my life. In this readable book, Packer describes four characteristics of those who truly know God, from the OT book of Daniel:
  1. They have great energy for God
  2. They have great thoughts of God
  3. They show great boldness for God
  4. They have great contentment in God
This is from a man who, at age 7, was running away from school bullies when he was hit by a truck. It bashed in his skull and left him with a permanent hole in his head. But God filled every emptiness in this man’s life. This past Friday Dr. J.I. Packer, aged 93, died. He wrote a great article for Christianity Today called, How I Learned to Live Joyfully. I commend it to you.

Speaking of KNOWING GOD, this weekend we will begin a new series of studies in the book of Isaiah called, PROPHETIC POWER.

The basis for this series is that the prophets exhibited a rare sense of power and confidence because of their trust in the truth of God. Isaiah is a good example. Isaiah is the second most quoted Old Testament book in the New Testament. Fifty-five times the New Testament writers harken back to what Isaiah wrote in order to explain the life of Jesus and the ministry of the church.

This week’s message comes from the iconic and powerful call of Isaiah. The text is Isaiah 6:1-8, and the title is The Encounter that Changes Everything! You will benefit greatly from reading the entire chapter prior to hearing this message.

Many blessings,

Pastor John

P.S. We are still planning on offering, in addition to our online service, A LIVE OUTDOOR SERVICE ON AUGUST 2.
We are limited to 60 people at each service. Details on the safety protocols and how to register will be sent to you this weekend. I hope many of you will plan to join us! 

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