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Dear Crosswalkers,

A special thanks for all of you who filled out our CHURCH REOPENING SURVEY ONLINE. It is not too late! Please take a moment if you haven’t done so yet and let us know how you feel.

The initial results are informative. 58% of Crosswalkers say they are ready to return to live worship at the first opportunity, while 18% said they will wait several weeks, and 24% said it may take a while before returning. This all makes sense. Some of our seniors and those who are considered high risk with underlying health issues should be cautious in returning.

As indoor worship is currently prohibited or severely limiting, we did ask about an outdoor worship service, where we can have 60 people present. 61% said they would look forward to outdoor worship and another 23% said it could work, but may be more hassle than it’s worth (that is where I would vote!). Only 16% said it either doesn’t appeal to them or that they would rather wait until indoor worship is possible.

As a staff, we were very heartened by the many positive comments we received about the quality of the online worship services we are offering. Thank you!

In this ever changing and challenging environment we need to remain flexible and ready to pivot as the times demand. The story is told years ago of a church that put a weathervane on top of its building. A cynic mocked them and said, “Is that because you change with every new wind of doctrine that comes along?” The pastor replied, “No, it is to remind us that whatever the wind or weather, we will be faithful to the Lord whose word can quell all storms.”

FOR THE FUTURE, we are committed to continue quality online worship services for the duration of this pandemic and likely beyond it. We hear the Lord’s call to bless those who are homebound. At the same time, we are tentatively planning to hold a live worship service outside, in our quad area, on the first Sunday in August (Aug 2). More details will follow, but we will at least…
  • Practice social distancing of 6 feet with no touching or hugging of people outside your family (that will be tough but let’s love our neighbor and respect coronavirus boundaries!)
  • Provide hand sanitizer stands and conduct fever checks before entering the campus
  • Everyone will be asked to wear a mask while on campus
  • Plan on featuring live worship music, with singing (through face coverings – it works!)
  • A celebration of the Lord’s Supper with hermetically sealed individual communion kits
  • The services (at 9:00 and 10:30 a.m.) will last for less than one hour
  • Provide shade for everyone who wants it
We will also provide an online worship experience for those who need to stay home. This will be an experimental one-time event, and then we will make decisions based on how the Spirit is leading us, coupled with loving safe practices. Again, this is a tentative plan, but please mark your calendars and we will provide updates along the way.

Our preaching pastor Ed Taylor will be sharing from Acts 16:6-12. The message is titled, What to do When Your Flight has been Cancelled.  Please read the entire 16th chapter in advance to help prepare for our study time together!
The following Sunday, we will begin a new series in the book of Isaiah called, Prophetic Power!
Many blessings,
Pastor John

P.S. We are helping several in our church family who are unemployed or significantly underemployed. Please consider making a special gift to our Benevolence Fund to help our church family members who are struggling during these troubled times. 

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