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Dear Crosswalkers,

Happy midweek greetings in the name of the Lord.

I hope all is well. Many thanks for those of you who watched last week’s worship service, which included an updated announcement regarding my retirement. In case you missed it, you can view it HERE.

Basically, I announced that at the end of this calendar year I will retire, and that we have secured the services of an interim executive pastor to guide us through the transition. His name is Gilbert Foster, and at the beginning of last week's worship service I interviewed him about coming to Crosswalk. He has a non-profit ministry called, When I Grow Up, and you can catch his heart in this BRIEF VIDEO.

I deeply appreciate those of you who took the time to respond, and who indicated some appropriate sadness as we near the end of an era, but also of enthusiasm over the leadership Gilbert will bring that will help Crosswalk to reach greater depths of Bible teaching and service to our community and beyond. We best endure change and transition together!

We are anticipating some new guidelines regarding the possibility of returning to live worship services, while keeping our online presence. We are also mindful that not everyone is ready to resume worship together. Recently, counties in the Central Valley allowed for a hundred people to gather in worship, with social distancing protocols in place of course. The results have been mixed. One pastor reopened the church only to close again after a few Sundays because the participation was limited and the hassle of singing with a mask was bothersome. People just weren’t ready for it.

With that in mind, we created a survey to gauge the feelings of our faith community when it comes to offering live worship again, either indoors or outdoors. PLEASE take a moment and complete this BRIEF SURVEY and let us know how you feel. There are no right or wrong answers!! We can worship in the sanctuary of our home OR on our church campus. Your response will be a big help as we plan for the future!

THIS WEEKEND we will conclude our series, God’s Spirit in your Life, with a message entitled, Three Types of People in the World! You won’t want to miss this grand finale!


Pastor John

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