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Dear Crosswalkers,

I bid you midweek greetings, and I trust it is well with your soul.

Dr. Tim Laniak, an Old Testament professor at my seminary, Gordon-Conwell, interviewed a Bedouin shepherd in Jordan some 20 years ago. 
     Q. How many sheep and goats do you have?
     A. 2000. I have the biggest flock in this area…
     Q. How many did you start with?
     A. I began with one in 1984. And I still know every one of them. They are like family to me.
     Q. With that many, you still know every one of them?
     A. Yes. I am with the flocks every day. Although I have homes in the village, I stay out here with  them during the summer [migration]. I must personally supervise the care of the sheep or I shouldn't be a shepherd… It's a thing of the soul; it's not a business.
Is it any wonder that, when contemplating the suffering of this world, and the fact that we must all walk through dark valleys, David writes, "The Lord is my shepherd" (Psalm 23:1)?

Shepherds ensure their flocks are fed and watered. Nourished. They are on hand to care for the sick and attend to the young. Shepherds protect the flock from predators. The work of shepherding/pastoring is not a business; it's a thing of the soul.

At Crosswalk, we are strongly committed to the care of your soul. We want to be there for you, to provide prayer support and to be of practical help. One of the great tools we used in the past were our connection cards, which were found in the morning bulletin. We have now created an ONLINE CONNECTION CARD for you to keep in touch with us. You can access it on our website at any time. We long to hear from you. Please fill out the card and trust us with your prayer needs and praise reports. We care about you and want to hear from you!

We will be looking at how the Holy Spirit in our lives helps us during hard times, challenging circumstances, and dark valleys. Our text will be Romans 8:17-25, and the title is “How the Spirit Helps Us in Our Suffering.” On Independence Day weekend, we will see how the Spirit gives us a glorious freedom even when we feel the oppression of negative circumstances. This message will give a biblical perspective on suffering that I pray will be of practical help in your life. We will also be giving you some vital updates in this weekend's message.

Many blessings,

Pastor John      

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