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Dear Crosswalkers,

Midweek greetings! I’ve been thinking of some of things that have happened during the last three months and 16 days. That’s how long it has been since we had a live worship at Crosswalk!!  And the pandemic rolls onward with little signs of abatement. There is much to complain about, but here are a few ways I’ve seen God redeem this situation.

First, we have more time to contemplate
Leanna and I have a neighbor who is 100 years old and her daughter is a Mother Superior at a Roman Catholic Convent. We were talking to the Mother Superior (quite an exalted title!) and she said, “The whole world is now like a monastery. You now have a taste for our life, the contemplative life."

I hope in addition to catching up on your TV watching, you are taking time to read good books, to pray, and to meditate on God’s purpose for this season in your life.

Secondly, we have been forced to innovate
Of course, we always had a website, and an app, and a little used Facebook page. But we very quickly had to adapt and purchase a You Tube Channel, and invest in equipment to videotape our services and present them to you online. You can view our services on your smart TV, our website, our app, your computer, and most recently for our Crosswalkers who are not online, we now have a telephone number you can call and hear the sermon on any phone (even rotary phones!!). Over a dozen people are taking advantage of this option.

The point being we have had to adapt and create a greater presence where most of the world, for lack of a better term, “lives.” We are doing ministry like never before!

Lastly, we are praying for new ways to propagate (our mission, that is)
Ultimately, when all the laugh tracks, videos, cameras, and new practices have been stripped away, we are left with our simple mission, which is to Connect people to Jesus and to Each Other; to Jesus in faith and to each other in fellowship. This is our purpose.

How can we fulfill that purpose? Our mission statement says, We commit to being a community passionately demonstrating the love of Jesus...
by pursuing truth,
choosing sacrifice,
serving all people,
and making disciples.

It is a challenge to do these things in a world of social distancing.

Is there something you can do? How about joining a Zoom group, or better yet, start one! Can you forward the link of our online services to friends and family members? Can you commit to praying for our ministries and missionaries?

Recently I read about the Gideons. Imagine an organization that prints and distributes Bibles to hotels suddenly finding that the hotels are now saying, “No thanks.” They quickly realized that Scripture distribution was never meant to be their main focus. The organization wanted to win people to Christ. Bibles in hotels were just a means to an end. “Sometimes the methods get confused with the purpose,” said Alan Anderson, president of The Gideons International in Canada. “We took a step back and asked ourselves, ‘What are we trying to accomplish?’” This is where most ministries now find themselves. It is a good question. What are we trying to accomplish?

...We will return to our series GOD’S SPIRIT IN YOUR LIFE. Our text will be from Romans 8:8-16, and the title is “The Guidance and Assurance of the Spirit.” This will be a practical help in enabling us to become confident, secure, and emotionally healthy people. You won’t want to miss this weekend’s worship!!

Many blessings,

Pastor John      

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