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Dear Crosswalkers,

Leanna and I, with other family members, have participated in two different marches this past weekend to show our support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and to take a stand for racial justice. Both were peaceful experiences, and both marches were a blessing and a joy to be a part of.

I feel compelled to step away from our present series of studies and focus on what is happening in our world. This weekend’s message is called “Why Black Lives Matter!” and the text comes from selections from Daniel 9.

The senseless murder of George Floyd has sparked an incredible outpouring of grief and anger over systemic racism and injustice. What does the church have to contribute to this cultural event? What does biblical wisdom have to say to us in such a time as this? That’s what we will deal with in this weekend’s special message. Please tune in with an open heart and mind to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

On another matter, many of you know that one of our Sunnyvale Christian School teachers tested positive for COVID-19 a couple of weeks ago. We praise God she and her family are feeling much better.  I also want you to know that all twelve of our Sunnyvale Christian School staff who had been possibly exposed to this teacher have been tested, including yours truly, and all of us have tested negative for the virus! This is such good news. We thank the Lord for his provision for us, and also are grateful that the safety protocols we have in place are working.

Our limited summer program will reopen on June 22.

We are hoping to resume live church services on July 5. However, that is contingent upon the Santa Clara Health Department relaxing restrictions on religious services. I know this is frustrating. It makes sense that churches, concerts and sporting events are higher risk activities for the spread of this virus, but rest assured we will have every safety procedure in place when we offer live services again.

Thank you for your understanding, and I pray that our online services have been a blessing. Let me reiterate that even after we resume live services, we will still offer an online experience for those of you who are out of town or who cannot come to church.

Many blessings,

Pastor John

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