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Dear Crosswalkers,

We have received the unfortunate news that one of our SCS teachers has tested positive for COVID-19. Please hold this person in your prayers.

As a result, to prioritize the safety on our children and staff, we are closing our summertime program as of today, which was ministering to 30 preschoolers and 9 elementary students. Lord willing, we will be able to reopen on June 22, after two weeks of teachers in self-quarantine. Also, because I had a one on one meeting with the teacher, I will need to do a modified quarantine for the next two weeks. Our plan is for everyone to be tested prior to re-opening our campus.

This is also prompting us to push back the date of opening our church to live services. With the protests, many are expecting a possible spike in COVID-19 cases, and the Santa Clara County health department has chosen to disagree with Gov. Newsom and restrict religious gatherings to outdoor only with a maximum of 25 people. Thus it seems prudent to make our new reopening date on July 5, Independence Day Weekend. May the Lord enable us to really celebrate our FREEDOM TO WORSHIP!!

These are such challenging times! As people of faith this is our opportunity to live out our values and shine with the assurance that the Lord we worship is still and forever will be ruling all things well.

This Sunday we will present a powerful online worship service. Our Scripture is from Matthew 12:30-32, and the title is “The Sin Against the Holy Spirit.” This, to say the least, is a controversial passage. We will not minimize the strict warning here. But understood in its fullness, I can tell you this passage is of great comfort to us! As it is the first Sunday of the month, we will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper together, so please have your communion elements ready.

Pastor John

P.S. In troubled times, a little humor can go a long way:


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