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Dear Crosswalkers,
As you’ve been following the news you know that the President has declared churches “essential” and that they should reopen as of last weekend. Governor Newsom has been less effusive, but has released 13 pages of guidelines for churches to reopen. In an unrelated story, Disney World announced they will reopen on July 11, with the required rules for cleanliness and social distancing (How will that work on Splash Mountain? Will Mickey wear a mask?).

At Crosswalk, as I’ve indicated many times, we are going to be very deliberate and prioritize safety. At this point, our target date for offering live services again is Father’s Day, June 21. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! That gives us four weeks to monitor any spike in cases from churches that reopened last weekend, and it gives us plenty of time to ensure all protocols and standards for health and safety will be in place. Of course we will keep you apprised and let you know as we get closer to our grand restart of live services. And as missionary people, we are nothing if not flexible. If the situation warrants, we can push that date back.

In the meantime and beyond, we will continue to offer our online church services.

Speaking of which, this Sunday is PENTECOST SUNDAY!! We will be looking at the New Testament account of how on the Jewish Feast of Pentecost (meaning, ‘fiftieth’, because it is celebrated 7 weeks and 1 day after Passover), God gave his Spirit to the church. This is the birthday of the New Testament church! This weekend we will look at the phenomena associated with Pentecost, and how these miraculous events point ahead to some great things the Lord wants to do through us today. The message is called, “The Power of Pentecost,” because the Lord Jesus said, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you…” (Acts 1:8 NIV); and our text is Acts 2:1-13. This is going to be a fantastic time together!

Many blessings,

Pastor John

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