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Dear Crosswalkers,

Midweek greetings in the name of the Lord!

There is a growing sense of anxiety in our world today. People are seriously concerned economically, that they could run out of money. This is understandable, and it is what lies behind some of the protests against shelter in place regulations. People are also concerned health-wise, that they could actually contract the virus.

What I fail to see is a “holy desperation” for God, a crying out to the Lord for help.

Let’s join together in prayer that people will take their anxieties to the Lord and cry out for deliverance from all our fears!

Last week in our online church service, we heard from Peter Pereira and the works Hope for Today ministries are doing in India. We praise God for our partnership so that we can have a part of bringing relief to those who are suffering most.

In the same vein I recently heard from Hormoz Shariat, director of another of our partners in mission, Iran Alive Ministries. Here is what Hormoz writes:

If we’re to believe the “official” news from President Hassan Rouhani, Iran has successfully addressed the COVID-19 threat and the country is in recovery. But the rest of the world knows the truth: Iran is one of the most afflicted spots in the world.

Satellite photos of mass graves and Facebook videos of Iranians burying corpses of COVID-19 victims tell the real story: Iran is losing its fight against the coronavirus and has little concern for the health of its people.

As a result, ministry workers — including our Iran Alive leaders — are unable to meet in person. The underground house churches that have been the backbone of the Christian network in Iran can no longer meet (even in secret) for fear of infecting others or being infected.              

Our Iran Alive satellite broadcast has become even more critical during this time when face-to-face communication is greatly hindered. We have increased out live broadcast to daily, our viewership has multiplied, and many new viewers are tuning in.

God is using this pandemic to further His Kingdom. The Iranian people are hungry for new answers to the challenges (and lies) they’re facing. They want truth, and they are hearing the Gospel — many for the first time.

I’m inviting you to PRAY for Hope for Today ministries in India and Iran Alive Ministries in Iran.

Yes, we must care for our neighbors and pray for America and our own faith community as well. But the Lord always encourages us to trust that we are one people on God’s earth.

I believe the COVID-19 pandemic is teaching us that we are a global village, and that our interconnectedness is something God can use to bring healing and hope to ALL.

If you want to financially support either of these ministries, you can earmark your gift accordingly when you give ONLINE at the Crosswalk Community Church website.

This weekend we are continuing our series, GOD’S SPIRIT IN YOUR LIFE, with a message from Ephesians 3:14-21 entitled, “The Blessing of Inner Strength.” We plan to feature a testimony from one of our newest members, Sandeep Joy, on the work of God’s Spirit in his life.

In these challenging days, I pray for your health and God's provision, and most of all that you will experience inner strength through the Holy Spirit.

May you to do something beautiful for Jesus this week!

Love in the Lord,

Pastor John

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