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Dear Crosswalkers,

1 LORD, how many are my foes! How many rise up against me!
2  Many are saying of me, “God will not deliver him.”
3  But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.
4  I call out to the LORD, and he answers me from his holy mountain.
5  I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me.
6  I will not fear though tens of thousands assail me on every side.
                                                                                       - Psalm 3:1-6 (NIV)
In today’s challenging times, people’s deep-seated faith, or lack of faith, is being revealed. For example, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York, one of the daily “stars” of the pandemic (we see him on the news virtually every day), recently said, "The number (of COVID-19 deaths) is down because we brought the number down… God did not do that, fate did not do that, destiny did not do that, a lot of pain and suffering did that.”

Really? Why did he even have to mention God? Especially, why did he have to deny God had anything to do with some measure of good in this pandemic? What qualifies him to be the judge of God not helping?
Now, of course, followers of Jesus affirm both God’s sovereignty and human responsibility. It is important that we practice social distancing and follow the guidelines of the health experts. That does make a difference!

But so do our prayers! So does God’s blessing!
What is this pandemic revealing about your own soul? About your trust in God, or lack of trust in God? About your acceptance of human responsibility, or lack of such acceptance?
In Psalm 3, we see the great heart of King David. In verse 1, the circumstances of life are turning against him, and in verse 2 many are mocking his dependence on God. What is David’s response to this adversity? A lovely reaffirmation of his faith! Verse 3 - But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high. There is no cause for dejection! The Lord is with us, we can face the future with confidence because we glory in the King of the universe.
Then note how David’s trust in the Lord leads to peace. In verse 5 he shares how he can lay down and sleep, and awake refreshed in the morning because his anxieties have been prayed away. His fears have dissipated in his calling out to the Lord (see verse 4). And the result? In verse 6, David says, I will not fear no matter what happens!! Tens of thousands may assail my faith! Yet I will not fear. This psalm was written after David’s son had rebelled against him. David didn’t have the love of his family, or the approval of his people. He didn’t have the knowledge that he is a great king.

All he has for comfort is that God is his glory. And that is enough!!!!
What does the pandemic reveal about your faith (or lack of it)?

Who is the lifter of your head? Who is the one who gives your sense of identity? Whose blessing means everything to you?
May we pray away our fears and renew our hope and trust in the Lord. He is our glory!
This Sunday we are beginning a new series of messages called “God’s Spirit in Your Life.” Our teaching pastor Ed Taylor will kick off this series. This Sunday we will also feature a powerful testimony from missionary Peter Pereira on the difference our partnership with Hope for Today is making in India.
As always, please let us know how we can pray for you.
With great affection,

Pastor John

P.S. It is with sadness we share with you the death of one of our longtime members, Bob Lloyd. Bob lived a life of faith and was an active member of Crosswalk for many years. We praise God that he is now far from the frailties that characterized his last years with us. He is now enjoying the ultimate blessings of his relationship with God in eternity! Please say a prayer of comfort for Bob's family.

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