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Dear Crosswalkers,
I know the challenges and frustrations of being housebound. But the Lord has us going through this season for a purpose!
I want you to know that the church is still being the church, and we are still striving to do something beautiful for Jesus.

On Saturday we served individual meals to 45 homeless or disenfranchised people through our partnership with the Refuge. Yesterday we delivered 20 meals to our shut-in population. Special thanks to Andrew for cooking the meals and for pastor Linda for organizing drivers.

Yesterday our children’s ministry delivered 36 “Hallelujah Bags” to our families with children’s activities for Easter Sunday! Many of you are finding creative ways to be a blessing to each other through phone calls and social media. Also, many of you are praying! Thank you for being the church, especially during these challenging times!
Tomorrow we will send you another email with a link to our Holy Thursday Communion Service. The text will be Luke 22:14-20, and the devotional is titled “The Hope of the Fourth Cup.”

Please have your communion elements ready for tomorrow’s special time of worship! Again, one of the Lord’s great purposes through this season is that our homes are becoming sanctuaries!
 Here’s a word of encouragement from a story told by Tim Keller in his book, Making Sense of God:
Author and teacher Rebecca Pippert had the opportunity to audit some graduate-level courses at Harvard University, one of which was "Systems of Counseling." At one point the professor presented a case study in which therapeutic methods were used to help a man uncover a deep hostility and anger toward his mother. This helped the client understand himself in new ways.
Pippert then asked the professor how he would have responded if the man had asked for help to forgive her. The professor responded that forgiveness was a concept that assumed moral responsibility and many other things that scientific psychology could not speak to. "Don't force your values … about forgiveness onto the patient," he argued. When some of the students responded with dismay, the professor tried to relieve the tension with some humor. "If you guys are looking for a changed heart, I think you are looking in the wrong department." However, as Pippert observes, "the truth is, we are looking for a changed heart." Secular reason, all by itself, cannot give us a basis for a deep and powerful message of forgiveness and redemption.
No, it cannot. For that we turn to the word of God and the events of Easter week!
Many blessings,
Pastor John

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