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Dear Crosswalkers,

Crosswalk Community Church has the mission of blessing the world in Jesus’ name as our heartbeat. It is in our DNA. It is one of our core values. Last Sunday we bid farewell to the Juanes family. They left last night on their journey to northern Thailand, where they will take up residency in Chaing Mai and serve as missionaries to the people there.

It is such a great honor and blessing to be a sending church! We experienced the joy of sending the Hernandez family as missionaries to Paraguay, where they served for 9 ½ years. Now we have the joy of sending another Crosswalk family. Most churches live their entire lives without ever sending long term missionaries. Did you know that?
We are a rarity!
We are of all churches most blessed!

We also send missionaries on short term assignments. For 10 years Crosswalk has been sending me to Northern India/Bhutan to train Bhutanese pastors and evangelists. Bhutan is one of the most unreached places on planet earth, and we are making a difference there!

As I write, pastor Linda Jackson and Rosemary Sellen are on a short-term mission to the Philippines serving with Doorway to Hope. They are meeting some of our mission partners and working with the church there to bless others in the name of Jesus. Also in the Philippines are Marina Sampani and Virgie Gallo. What a great impact we are having in that place! PLEASE BE IN PRAYER for these Crosswalkers who are out in the world in mission!!

Crosswalkers are also in mission locally. Among other things, one week from today a small group will begin prayerwalking in the neighborhood around our church building. One of our hopes for this year is that God would raise up spiritual entrepreneurs who will get a vision for reaching our community for the Lord. This is a great start. We are surrounded by people who have achieved success but still long for significance. We can offer the gift of a significant life in the name of Jesus. Please join us in prayer for this endeavor. If you want to be a part of this effort, let us know!

The Lord wants to lift our eyes from the physical to the spiritual. Nicodemus was a man who was an unqualified success in life. But something was still missing. So he came to Jesus secretly in the night. It is a great thing to take our hurts and our hopes to Jesus. When the Lord spoke to him about being born again, Nicodemus was confused. “How can someone be born when they are old?’ Nicodemus asked. ‘Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born!’” (John 3:4 NIV).

Nicodemus, like many of us, first thought of the physical. But Jesus wasn’t talking about physical birth. It was talking about a spiritual rebirth. It is a greater vision and bigger thought to focus on spiritual realities.

God wants us to think bigger than the physical. He wants us to go beyond physical success to spiritual significance. There are things more important than money, power, and popularity. The physical world is way too small of a vision. Only spiritual significance lasts forever.

At Crosswalk, we want to help people get in touch with the spiritual realities of life. We want to help them succeed in their relationships, in their marriages, and in their understanding of God and of themselves.

This is our mission, and you are invited to be a part of it!

Many blessings,

Pastor John 

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