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Dear Crosswalkers,

One week from today is Christmas! Behold the Nativity scene:

Christmas in contemporary America is very different from the first Christmas. Every nativity scene defies the American self-serving consumeristic Christmas. The shocking message of each nativity scene is the invitation to accept the call of God, no matter how inconvenient or troublesome it may be.

For one thing, we see Mary. She was an early teen of low status with her own hopes and dreams. Yet she put them aside in order to say yes to God’s call on her life. She must bear the shame of her pre-marriage pregnancy and all the gossip that would surely follow.

Then there is Joseph. He unselfishly placed the good of Mary and the baby above his own reputation. The Roman Catholics call him “the guardian of the Redeemer.” He said yes to raising a child that was not his own.

At the center is baby Jesus. This Sunday we will look at his self-giving, which was by far the deepest and most profound.

The contrast with the American “me first” stampede to purchase TVs, gaming systems, and the like is rather stark. Writing for the Yale Daily News, Bryce Taylor points out the contrast of Mary’s humble acceptance of the Christ-child with the contemporary American attitude of convenience over character, and autonomy over self-giving service:

“Which is more beautiful, more noble, more admirable: the vociferous American woman demanding the right to preserve her body from the intrusion of a baby, or the young Jewish girl in the Christmas story who sacrifices her plans and her reputation in a gesture of openness to the gift of new life? What is more worthwhile: the life that seeks convenience, or the life that accepts the call to sacrifice? Sincere contemplation of the nativity scene yields an unambiguous answer.”

The beauty of Christmas is the message of the arrival of the only one who can set us free from our own selfishness.
Hallelujah! What a Savior!

Here is a praise: We have received $13,370 toward our CHILDREN'S MINISTRY CENTER! THANK YOU to all who have contributed! Our goal is $20,000. We are almost there!! Please consider blessing our children, and future children, with a special Christmas gift to our new Children’s Ministry Center. You can give ONLINE, or by earmarking your check, CMC. Thanks!

Also, please consider inviting family and friends to join you at one of our CANDLELIGHT CHRISTMAS EVE services (at 3:30 and 5:30 p.m.)

Christmas blessings,

Pastor John

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