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Dear Crosswalkers,

The LORD also instructed Moses,"This is the rule the Levites must follow: They must begin serving in the Tabernacle at the age of twenty-five, and they must retire at the age of fifty. After retirement they may assist their fellow Levites by serving as guards at the Tabernacle, but they may not officiate in the service. This is how you must assign duties to the Levites.”      - Numbers 8:23-26 (NLT)

I heard people say that the Bible doesn’t talk about retirement. UNTRUE! In this passage, the Levitical priests are given a retirement time, but then they are told to assist others so that the worship of the Lord and the mission God gives us can go forward!

In other words, God isn't finished with you once you retire!

It is time to talk about my retirement as the Senior Pastor of Crosswalk Community Church. I am slated to retire in 2021, a full two years from now. By then I will have reached the blessed age of 70 (I know this is shocking to some, because I don’t look a day older than 68). Of course, as things progress, I could retire a bit earlier than that or a bit later, depending on the needs here at Crosswalk. The point is I am very flexible and want to act, as always, in the best interests of Crosswalk.

Two years is a long time. The preliminary process of preparing for transition and seeking a new senior pastor actually began a year ago with our Church Council. As you can imagine, this will be a long process. During this process, nothing will change in terms of our day to day ministries. The goal of this process will be to seamlessly pass the baton of leadership to a new Shepherd.

The commitment our Church Council is making to you is this: We will communicate with you clearly, honestly, and often! There are and will be no secrets. We are now still in the early stages of working on the process and timeline. This will involve consultation with our region, Growing Healthy Churches. At some point in the future, of course, it will involve seeking input from the congregation. Over my nearly 21 years as your Senior Pastor, we have been remarkably blessed with “the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” One of our highest priorities is to maintain that unity!

Your prayers and support are needed. Please pray that we would have the wisdom of God as we move forward. Pray that no one will feel any sense of undue anxiety or pressure. We are a family and we will deal with this as a family who loves and cares for each other.

By the way, even after my retirement I am hopeful that I can still hang around and assist others at Crosswalk in fulfilling our mission. Old preachers never fully retire, they just speak less often! Maybe once or twice a month, depending on the new Senior Pastor. None of us retires from the call of God on our lives!

This week we welcome Peggy Graves to serve as our Pastor to Children and their Families! This is a major step forward for us. Peggy is a wise pastor to our kids, and she is also bringing a high energy level and new vision for our children’s ministry. You will hear more in next week’s email!!

Remember that for believers, the best is always yet to be!!

Love in the Lord,

Pastor John

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