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The NAKED Truth

Dear Crosswalkers,

Grace to you! I hope you are having a fantastic week. With this midweek mailing I want to share some upcoming events and prayer points.

1. THIS SUNDAY, July 28, we will have a baptism service at the end of our second (1035) service. We will also celebrate our life together with a free BBQ meal after church in our Quad area. We will serve BBQ chicken, veggie burgers, green salad, potato salad, chips and salsa, ice cream bars for dessert, and a lot of lemonade, water, boxes of juice and ice (it will be warm!). Also we will have a bounce house for the kids. Please plan to join us this Sunday! For more details about the message, scroll down to see “This Sunday @ Crosswalk” below.

2. Please be in prayer for HELP ONE CHILD’S annual summer camp which is next week. Many thanks to those who have brought supplies for the camp and for those Crosswalkers who are serving as counselors and helpers.

3. On Sunday, August 4 we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper, have a teaching from our HEROES IN CHAOS Series, and also hear from friends of Crosswalk who are missionaries serving in Shanghai, China. This will be a great day at Crosswalk!

4. PARDON OUR DUST! We will be conducting necessary replacing of our water main that runs beneath our gym from August 3-16. During most of this time the water in the gym, kitchen, and gym restrooms will be turned off. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but this is necessary work that needs to be done for the good of our future campus use! The cost of these repairs has escalated and so we are THANKING those who have already given and ASKING others to consider blessing Crosswalk with a special gift to help with this expense. You can GIVE ONLINE, or on Sunday earmark your check “Building Fund.” THANK YOU!

5. SUMMER SERIES UPCOMING DATES:Tuesday evening, August 13 @ 6:30 pm, “Let’s Drop Some Stuff” with Linda Jackson; Sunday evening, August 18 @ 6:30 pm, NIGHT OF WORSHIP!

6. PLEASE continue in prayer for our children's ministry leadership. Also, SPECIAL THANKS to our wonderful children's ministry volunteers and staff who are stepping in the gap to serve and bless our children!

OK, so here’s a weird story. Last Saturday, July 20, was the 50th anniversary of America sending men to walk on the moon and return successfully. It was a fantastic achievement for our space program. I was a 17-year-old high school graduate who was traveling through Europe at the time. We were in lovely Montreux, Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

My friend and I went to the hotel bar in the middle of the night (it was actually early morning, July 21, for those of us in Switzerland) to watch the moon landing on the only available TV. All the Swiss people cheered when Neil Armstrong set his feet on the lunar surface, and my friend and I felt proud to be Americans. We walked into the darkness of the night, and saw the moon up above, shining on the lake. In a moment of celebration, we went skinny-dipping in the cool waters. We stood on the rocky shore and were a bit nervous to jump in. It looked safe, but we didn’t know if any rocks lurked beneath the surface. We let go of our fears and jumped. It was exhilarating! It was a time I will never forget.

Why do I tell you this story? I am not recommending skinny-dipping, nor am I recommending jumping into unknown waters. But I am saying that sometimes we are presented with an opportunity and we must overcome our fears to experience the joy of something new. We all fear jumping into the unknown and making a new commitment. But when the Lord is leading, the result will be unforgettable! That's the NAKED truth!

How is the Lord leading you to trust him more? Are there any "leaps of faith" you need to take?

Many blessings,

Pastor John

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