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Dear Crosswalkers,

There is a lot going on this summer, and I want to use this platform to share some updates with you and elicit your prayer support.
First, after six and a half months with us, we are saying goodbye to our Children and Family Pastor, Cheryl Garlick. We wish Cheryl Godspeed and we bless her to a ministry opportunity that is closer to home. We always knew that it was unlikely we could keep Cheryl for long because of the serious commute from Oakland to Sunnyvale. Yet Cheryl led us forward in some positive ways, and we thank God for bringing her to us. Among other things, Cheryl instituted ‘Safe Gatherings,’ so we can do our best to ensure that our children are in a safe and caring environment. She also established a parental advisory group and a dedicated team of volunteers. Please, if you get a chance, give Cheryl a hug this Sunday and thank her for her service with us!
Pursuant to this, I have asked our Church Council to join me is a season of prayer as we consider the future of our children’s ministry. With this note, I’m also inviting you to be a part of this concert of prayer. Please pray for our children's ministry team as they take the reigns of this ministry while we prayerfully ask the Lord to raise up a new leader for this important aspect of our church family life together.
The Bible says, Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people. (Luke 2:52 NLT).
This verse tells us that the Lord, while he was still in his formative years, grew in four ways:
     Wisdom = Intellectual growth
     Stature = Physical growth
     In favor with God = Spiritual growth
     In favor with all the people = Social growth
This is our goal, to help our kids grow in all these ways, but especially spiritually and in wisdom.
Secondly, Pastor Linda Jackson and Rosemary Sellen leave next week for a two week mission to the Philippines. Their mission organization, Doorway to Hope (D2H), is located on the island of Samar, where they will hit the ground running. The day after they land they have a tour scheduled at one of our mission partner facilities serving sex trafficking victims, ages 2 to 21. Then they head to the D2H compound to connect with their church plant, local outreach efforts, and the Bible College established two years ago serving 20+ students. This is Crosswalk doing our part to share the love of Jesus with a hurting world! Thanks, Crosswalkers, for being a part of our church family in mission as you support us with your prayers and gifts!

Lastly, this summer we are catching up on some much needed facility repairs. We are working on our HVAC units, which are in need of some repair, and then we are completing a huge plumbing project. We will be replacing a water main line that extends from our kitchen under the gym floor and into a classroom. This project will, at the lowest bid, cost at least $50,000. We raised money for this a couple years ago when we did an emergency stopgap repair, but now we must complete the job because we cannot operate our school or church ministries if this water line were to fail. We need an additional $38,000, on top of what we already have, to do this work. Fortunately, we have some reserve funds to cover this emergency. But we will eventually need to replace those funds, so any gift you can give would be greatly appreciated! You can give online, and designate your gift FACILITY REPAIR.

With great appreciation,

Pastor John

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