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5 Great Reasons...

Dear Crosswalkers,

On Monday afternoon I returned from a trip to northern India where Crosswalk sponsored an International Leadership Institute National Conference. We had nearly 50 students, one from India, one from Nepal, and the rest from Bhutan. Crosswalk supports missionaries in Nepal and India, and we have focused our efforts on training church leaders in Bhutan, which is a country closed to the gospel.

Our strategy is to train those whom God has raised up to lead the church in Bhutan. Christians are less than 4% of the population, but God is at work, and the Bhutanese believers are strong in their faith and dedicated to reaching their nation with the good news about Jesus. It is such an honor to serve them!

I am very excited about being back at Crosswalk this Sunday!!

Why? At least 5 reasons:

1. Because I love you and I missed you. I attended two wonderful churches in India, and last Sunday in the town of Bagdogra I enjoyed preaching about the purposes God has for each family. The worship was wonderful. But I missed Crosswalk greatly. Using Crosswalk's app I was able to listen to Pastor Ed's message while in India, and this morning during my morning walk I was blessed by Pastor Matthew Crane's message. "There's no place like home" applies to churches!

2. Because we have baptisms this Sunday during our 1035 service, and the angels in heaven rejoice with us when people publicly declare their faith by going into the waters of baptism!

3. Because this Sunday I get to share about the nature of Christian freedom from the book of Galatians. The Bible is effusive with a call to and a celebration of freedom. This Sunday we will compare Christian freedom with Secular freedom. God wants us to be free people!! I will also be sharing some great testimonies from my recent trip.  

4. Because this Sunday after church we will have our first all-church BBQ of the year! Angel Hernandez will be at the grill, chef Andrew will be preparing the rest of the food, and we will have a giant bounce house slide for the kids!

5. Because this Sunday, June 9 is the 160th day of the year, the 23rd Sunday of the year, the 82nd day of Spring (there are 13 lucky days before summer); and this Sunday is Pentecost Sunday, the traditional day of celebrating God's gift of his presence with his people through the Holy Spirit.

There is even more, but here is the bottom line: IT WILL BE A GREAT DAY AT CROSSWALK!

Please come to worship and plan to join us at the BBQ.

Love in the Lord,

Pastor John

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