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Your Antioch

Missions at Crosswalk Church have always been strong. We have always had a hand on things close to home and we look to always have some part to play as missions continue far from our reach. It does bring us great joy to involve ourselves with the Great Commission and partner with ministries and missionaries wherever they may be.

Yet with that in mind, Missions can get to a place of limitation. And by limitation I guess I really mean, personal or communal satisfaction. So as you continue reading and allow my words to resonate, ask yourself if you are satisfied with what missions is to you and to what you see missions being here at Crosswalk. I am not asking you to give me a ‘job review’; I am asking you to review your role in the salvation of the world through Crosswalk.

We hear from ministries and missionaries who say join us or join me. Do we respond because they are here in our face or do we want to join that specific challenge? Do you give to missions because it’s what you’re supposed to do or do you give because it would hurt you somehow to not give? Do you pray for ministries that bring you to tears even though they aren’t sharing on Sunday? Are you discouraged because a certain ministry that you are called to is not on our list of ministries? Are you planning on going to a certain mission field due to a spiritual bond you have with those missionaries and their cause?

I believe that Crosswalk staff works in this way; we don’t want you to become what we are; we want to assist in getting you to the place the Lord has called you to.

We have various ministry opportunities close to home which involve the following; feeding the homeless, sharing time with the elderly, visiting inmates, ministering on school campuses, participating with Sunnyvale community services, etc.; but if you do not feel called to these, let us know.

We have short-term work in various countries that also involve the following; taking the Gospel to the ends, ministering to inmates, evangelism, social actions of various kinds, teaching opportunities, etc.; but if you do not feel called to these, let us know.

Missions isn’t only about sharing the Gospel but also sharing yourself. You need to know about yourself so that you can present yourself appropriately. As Missions Pastor, I invite you to seek me out to assist in getting you to where you need to be. I am sure that the rest of the staff would respond in the same way. Though the opportunities we have at this church are what they are, that should not mean that you are limited to them. If you do have a calling to a certain one, please let me know and if you do have a calling for one that is not on our list, please share what is on your hearts.

The more we know about you and how the Lord is talking to you, the better we can assist in placing you where you need to be. So with this note, I encourage you to seek from the Lord His direction and bring His response to those whom you think will assist you best.

The Lord spoke to Ananias and said this about Paul’s mission; this man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles. Paul took this story with him and shared the news with the Apostles. Later in Acts 11 when Barnabas is in Antioch, surrounded with Gentiles, he realizes that he needs to get Paul there because Paul has been called to them. As Missions Pastor, I would love to keep an eye out for those kinds of opportunities for you.

Angel Hernandez