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Who We Are and Who We Want to Be

Who We Are and Who We Want To Be

Election season is among us and we have some interesting times and decisions to make in the upcoming election. Whether we are passive or not, we always stand for something. Whether we choose to act or not, we are still choosing something, or some path, or some decision. Passivity is a decision and a choice as well. Choosing to be separate or apart from the process, whether in elections, or relationships, or anything that involves living, is also a choice as well. What we choose is a large part of who we are and who we become. All decisions and habits, although they may not have any tangible significant impact immediately, we know that every little bit counts as it pushes us in the right or wrong direction. This is what is called as a long obedience in the right direction.

We will often oscillate between being who we are and who we want to be. It is easier and at times necessary for us to recognize who we are and to be more of that. However, if God is always molding us into the people we are to become, He will prod us and put godly pressure on us to be challenged to grow into the people we are to become. This is difficult because we are not YET who we are, but striving and stretching to be the people we will become. Like children wearing clothes that are a tad bit larger than our size, we are awkwardly wearing clothes that aren’t fitted exactly right at the moment. Another example is that we are like children learning to walk. And while we may fall much, we are in due time ready to walk and run because children do not stay children for long. They grow and develop as unfinished products. This is like all of us wrestling with who we are and who we are becoming. Rather, we are wrestling with our old selves and striving to become the people that God has destined and is working and pruning on us to become.

With our large outreach event happening on Friday October 28th, our costume party is an event that we often struggle with in how to coordinate a quality community party to interact with our community, while also balancing the effectiveness of our efforts to impact our surrounding community. Who are we? Is this an event that we find to reflect who we are as Crosswalk Church? Does this reflect who we are? When we see missionaries here at our church, does it reflect who we are as a church? How many of us are involved on a personal level with God’s work, missions, and being a good neighbor, also while trying to stay on top of our daily life. How often do we have opportunity to be outward and do outward oriented acts to meet our community?

Insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result. I am by no means calling anybody insane, nor am I calling out against being faithful. I am rather asking us to thoughtfully consider, hasn’t faith always been about journeying with God? Relying on Him to take us to places unknown to us? Pruning us so that we could bear more fruit? Whatever it is in regards to steps needing to be taken in a more faith filled and spirit lead direction, please consider that as Crosswalk Church, we are involved in treading outwards in such a direction: To follow God. To make space for others. To demonstrate hospitality. To hopefully be part of leading others to the Lord – even if our lives aren’t perfect, even if it’s difficult, even if it challenges our sensibilities. The greatest testimony and witness is not when we do something that comes easy, but when we do something difficult in the right direction. Even if it may be scary, let us lean on the Lord, step out and act on our convictions. As light in a dark world, we are those that others are looking to, in our words, and also our actions, to demonstrate who Jesus is. Go vote. Join with us in our costume party or worship services, or go meet your neighbors for a meal. Love is no passive thing, but an active and intentional act in obedience in a long direction.