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Unite to Aid Liberia Now

Ebola is sweeping through parts of Africa and the country of Liberia has been hit harder than most. Crosswalk Community Church has partnered with Ahead Ministries for a unique opportunity to make a difference. Ahead oversees schools, orphanages, local churches, and one of the largest health clinics in Liberia’s capitol city of Monrovia – in the heart of the quarantine zone. This puts us in a position to distribute aid directly to those affected by this crisis. But we need your help, we are asking others in community including churches, businesses, and schools to unite together to help Liberia. This is an opportunity to come together and make a difference in the lives of people who desperately need help.
Please consider joining us in this opportunity.

Supplies Needed (new and unopened)

Please consider purchasing these items on and supporting Ahead Ministries.
They are listed as “Agency for Holistic Evangelism And Development Inc.”

Sanitation & Cleaning Supplies

anti-bacterial hand soap
bar soap
soft soap
hand sanitizer
Pine Sol
mops (able to be wrung by hand)
simple mop buckets
latex gloves (flocklined)
latex gloves (exam quality)
surgical masks
eye protection
disposable aprons
water buckets (5 gal)
water spigots
water filters
toothpaste & toothbrushes
Listerine mouthwash
disposable washcloths
disinfecting wipes

Over the Counter Medicine

aspirin/pain reliever
hydrogen peroxide
isopropyl alcohol
first aid kits
general wound care supplies

Food Items

bulk corn meal
bulk rice
bulk dried beans or peas
bulk powdered milk
cooking oil
canned meats & fish


When and where can I drop off supplies?

From November 4 through December 1, 2014 (except Thanksgiving Day) we will accept donations on Monday – Thursday from 5-7pm, and on Saturdays from 9am – 12noon. The church address is 445 S. Mary Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94086. Donations will be accepted at the container which is located in the church parking lot off Valencia Ave.

What can I donate to the container?

Because we are required to declare everything we put into the container, and because we want to keep distribution in Liberia simple and fair, we are asking for the specific items on the list only.

Why is Crosswalk sending supplies instead of money?

The relationship Ahead Ministries has built in Liberia allows them to get the aid in the hands of the people who need it and ensure they are distributed for free. The same cannot be said for cash. Any cash donations we receive will be used to purchase more supplies or for transportation. This way we can ensure that 100% of all donations go to people who need it in Liberia. If you do want to donate cash instead of supplies, you can follow this link:

What are some other ways I can help?

Filling a 40 foot ocean container is an ambitious project, and we need the community’s involvement. Here’s what you can do: talk to people about it. Spread the word. Talk to your friends, co-workers, family – ask them to consider helping out. Speak with your employers to see if they can contribute, or if they have a matching program.

How can I get updates?

Keep an eye on this webpage, we will be updating it as we load the container and with news from Liberia.


11/3/14 – The container has arrived and is ready to be loaded. Here are a few pics of the empty container. Now we need your help to fill it.

Oscar from Ahead Ministries with the container
The container being lowered to the ground
Container arriving!

11/5/14 – On faith, Ahead Ministries has put a down payment on an ambulance to send to Liberia. Ahead has been working with the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) about reopening the health clinic in Monrovia, Liberia. The CDC has given them a recommended list of safety and health issues to prepare before they should reopen the clinic. Having an ambulance is one of the items on the list and Ahead will be working with the CDC in outfitting the ambulance appropriately to transport ebola patients.