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There’s An App For That

We live in an app world. “There’s an app for that,” people often say. An app is essentially software that is broken up into little pieces, or individual applications (hence the word, app). As of June of this year, there were 1.5 million apps in the Apple App Store alone.

You are one of God’s apps. The early disciples had a hard time understanding this, but we shouldn’t.
Here’s an exchange that happened in Matthew’s account of the miracle of the feeding of 5,000 people:

Matthew 14:15-16 (NLT)That evening the disciples came to him and said, “This is a remote place, and it’s already getting late. Send the crowds away so they can go to the villages and buy food for themselves.” But Jesus said, “That isn’t necessary—you feed them.”

People have needs. In this case they needed to be fed. The disciples wanted to send them away. Jesus said, “You feed them.” You’re my app for this. When there is something God wants to do in this world, you are the app.

God is in the process of reclaiming the world for himself. He is in the process of making all things new by calling people into his family. We are called to share and to serve. We are God’s app.

Bill Hybels wrote a book called The Volunteer Revolution. In it, he shares how he was asked if it was awkward to ask people to give their lives to God’s and the church’s mission. Here is his response, with some updates and editorial changes:

During the next few months you’re going to meet people who write computer software, ten hours a day, five or six days a week. When they go home at night, few of them sense the pleasure, meaning, and purpose of life they’ve heard advertised in commercials for beer or the latest tech device. They’re godly, conscientious people, and they feel thankful for their jobs. But they don’t find satisfaction in their souls at their profession.
And you’re going to meet fine, hardworking people in real estate who show thirty homes a week. If they’re lucky, one buyer will make an offer, but they’re not lucky every week. Many are extroverts who love showing property and helping families find the right home, but even then they probably don’t arrive home at night filled with deep inner joy because of their latest showing.

You’ll meet insurance salespeople who have been selling policies for twenty years. While they feel grateful that the insurance business puts food on their table and sends their kids to college, the thought of selling one more policy likely doesn’t float their emotional boat.

You’re going to meet car dealers and stockbrokers and bricklayers and police officers and plumbers who, despite their commitment to their careers and jobs, are honest enough to admit that their secular vocation does not offer enough meaning to satisfy the deeper needs that stir in their souls.

Some of them love their jobs; they feel stimulated and energized by their work. Some of them even leave their workplace each day knowing that they have honored God by their work and their love for people. But few of them would say, “This is what life is all about.”

Then he looked this person in the eye and said, “You and I get to invite these people to be used by God in ways they never imagined. We have the opportunity to empower them to develop gifts they didn’t know they had. We can cheer them on as they courageously assume new levels of kingdom responsibility that fill their hearts to overflowing. And we get to see the look on their faces when they realize God has used them to touch another human being. No … I never really feel guilty inviting people to become volunteers in our church. Never.”

That’s a good answer! To be a volunteer for Jesus is one of the greatest things a person can do. When was the last time you volunteered to serve? When was the last time you experienced the joy of being like Jesus and serving others? Do you take volunteering seriously?

There will be many opportunities to help others in the name of Jesus during the next few months. I hope you will take advantage of them, and know the great joy of serving God by serving others.

You’re the app God is looking for. “You feed them.”

Grateful to be a part of the Crosswalk Family,

Pastor John