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The Super Scripture

Dear Crosswalkers,

Well, this is a big week for the Silicon Valley. As hosts to Super Bowl 50, which some analysts are saying will be the most watched event in human history, our neighborhood is garnering a lot of publicity. The cost of a 30-second TV commercial for SB I in 1967 was $37,500. The cost of a 30-second TV commercial for SB 50 this Sunday is a record $5 million. Wow. What product is worth $5 million for 30 seconds? One headline described Super Bowl 50 as being about the best and worst of America.

I drove by Levi’s stadium yesterday on the way to a meeting, and from now on it may be tough to get close to the stadium. The traffic will be “terrific” (as in terrifying) all week, but especially Sunday. Perhaps you locals should allow some extra time to make it to church!

We are celebrating at Crosswalk with a message called, “The Super Scripture.” The passage we will study is John 3:16-21. John 3:16 is arguably the most famous verse in the Bible. If you only get one verse in the entire Bible, this is the one to get. This is the one to understand. This is the one to memorize. John 3:16 is Bible 101. It’s been called “the Good News in a nutshell.” It’s the message of the Bible is one verse.

This verse is famous in American culture. Throughout the 1970s and 80s there was this weirdo guy who wore a clown’s wig and would hold up a sign saying John 3:16 in the end zones of Monday night football games. He also attended golf tournaments and various sporting events with the same sign. That guy’s name is Rollen Stewart, and unfortunately he is now serving 3 consecutive life sentences in prison on kidnapping charges. Stewart was married four times. During the 1986 World Series Stewart tried to choke one of his wives for standing in the wrong spot with his John 3:16 sign! Clearly, this man has some mental health issues. He is eligible for parole in 2017.

Others have made the John 3:16 placard and held it up at sporting events. I saw one in last week’s AFC championship game. Today this verse is found on the bottoms of the soda cups at In and Out Burger, and on the bottom of the shopping bags at Forever 21, a clothing store for young women. Forever 21was founded by a Korean-American husband and wife and they put the verse there as a testimony to their faith in Jesus.

John 3:16 is the most important, famous verse in the Bible. We are going to study it in context this Sunday, and I think the context will surprise many of you. This will be a Super Sunday at Crosswalk. It is an especially good day to invite your friends and family to come to church with you!

Love in Jesus,

Pastor John