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The Summer Scuttlebutt

Is the Church so concerned about Heavenly matters that it is of no earthly good?

10 years ago, sociologists began to notice a trend that culture was becoming more and more post-christian. Recently, sociologists have seen a new trend amidst the culture: the Church is being seen as the moral barometer of society again. With recent social battles regarding gay marriage, abortion, and differing perspectives on educational methods the church is again at the center of society. Christians, at times as part of local churches, and at times on their own, are getting more involved with social work. While the organized institution of the local church may at times be under societal scrutiny, we are seeing a huge rise in church member involvement outside the four walls of the local church building.

Crosswalk Church is finding different lanes for people to travel through as we seek to be IN THE WORLD, and NOT OF IT. We are placed in dark places so that we can shine light to show the way: to encourage other Christians in their journey and to also show non-Christians who Jesus is, and what Jesus is about.

There is the Israel trip happening in October where you get to deepen your faith in an immersive experience on the same roads Jesus and Paul traveled. There is our Men’s BBQ in which men find camaraderie around a BBQ pit to strengthen their callings in their homes and relationships. Or the Family Camp, Women’s Conference, or new groups for the summer. The opportunity to connect and deepen roots in friendship, family, and Christ are numerous.

Our staff loves lost people and want to do more for them than simply pray for them. Our neighborhood block party includes diaper/canned food/kids clothes/toys giveaway for families in need. I love that we are not just a church that sits in our pews listening to a message, we are a church that desires to really see Jesus transform lives with a helping hand to love and support our neighbors and community.

Next week, we have a Sports Camp at Washington Park. The reason for our Sports Camp is at the park is so we can reach those who may not come through our church walls. We are not a church of “staytheists” we are a people called, set aside, and sent into the world. We are not OF THIS WORLD, but we are to be IN IT. Consider stopping by and seeing what happens there next Monday through Friday from 6-8 pm.

And finally, let us all pray that as we engage in these opportunities, they are seen as more than mere tasks or programs that we do, but these ministries exist as tools so we can be sharpened by them, so God would use us in His grand glorious plan. The ministry done THROUGH us is never as important as the ministry done IN us. When we are molded and sharpened instruments, God can use us mightily in his work, sometimes to be the sower, sometimes to water the seeds, and sometimes to harvest. Blessings as we are sharpened, molded, and sent into this world.

What Crosswalk are you at today? Where could God be guiding you in the next step?